Monday, September 21, 2009

Two things:

  1. I got my happy joyful baby back for a little while this evening. He was just so sweet and playful, I almost forgot how amazing he is when he isn't in pain. =)
  2. I am 'haunted' by an experience I had this afternoon. Colin had a doctors appointment in Manhattan (more about that later) and after wards we went to meet Sean at work. On the way, I was walking past a child about two and a half being pushed in a stroller, but he wasn't buckled in and he went to stand up and climb out but his mom didn't know. I couldn't warn her in time and he fell out of the stroller and his chin connected with the side walk with a very loud crack. I don't think he broke anything but he is going to have one heck of a bruise on his chin tomorrow. I get an awful feeling in my stomach every time the scene replays in my mind. Just wanted to pass on the reminder to always buckle your kids into the stroller, even when they seem to not need it anymore.


AbbeM said...

Ok, just reading that made me gasp. I'm terrified of Natalie doing something similar, particularly on concrete. She rolled down one of our front steps over the weekend (which are concrete), before I could grab her, but put her hands out and managed to avoid hitting her face. So, just spooked herself, but she was fine. I, of course, was scared to death. There are so many things that can happen!

Amy said...

yikes, glad the little one seemed to be ok.

My Hannah (will be three in December) has had several near injuries as well, she's a bit of a monkey child always jumping, climbing or swinging on something. An added hazard-- she already knows how to buckle and UNbuckle most safety snaps in shopping, carts, strollers, booster seats, etc... She must have a legion of angels watching over her!

Julie said...

yikes! that is awful. just recently, i have begun strapping annabelle into her vibrating seat and the swing. she is starting to get some serious leg, neck, and abdominal strength that could cause her to fall out of these chairs.

i have been trying to figure out ways to get annabelle to sleep for longer periods of time in her bassinet, and i cam across the SIDS i am completely paranoid and i check to see if she is breathing on a regular basis. i am going nuts trying to keep her safe.....babies lives are so fragile! strap them in!

Elaine said...

Quasi related is parents who think b/c they are in the same vicinity that constitutes "watching"!!! UMMM NO!!!!

I was walking at the park today b/c it was a great day to get exercise. There was a dad sitting on a park bench but I didn't see any kids so I thought maybe he worked in the town hall across the street. Well as I walked the park I then saw 2 kids (no older than ages 3 and 4) riding bikes unattended. I was concerned because NO parents were around. As I walked around the park I continued to watch for them. I then came around and saw the dad walk across the park to "fetch" them. It is at least 100 paces b/c I stopped counting when I walked around again as I got to 100...100 paces is a long distance for that age range on a busy road no matter if it is a small town!!!! Get off your rump and watch your kids at the park or sit on your stoop at your house where you have a tad more control!!!- Ok I feel better


Daisy and Ryan said...

OUCH! Poor kid!! I hurt just reading that.

The same day I read this, we happened to be at the grocery where a couple had their little one in the baby carrier on the shopping cart. It was at Whole Foods, where the carts are a bit smaller. She was tipped forward way too much b/c the carrier didn't fit right on the cart (which I don't think is safe to begin with...), AND she was unbuckled! I cringed when I thought of her possibly being able to slide out of there! I agree - buckle those kids up!!

One of my friends daughter's just tripped over a toy she was playing with in her driveway last weekend - just turned two. She DID land on her face, scraped it all up, and has a loose tooth. The picture made me gasp over and over. Poor thing!! Sometimes you just can't prevent it! :(

And about the first thing - so glad Colin is feeling better!!! I hope it has continued!