Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As promised some videos from the last month.

This is one of Colin's first attempts to dance. Please excuse my silly dancing song...

Colin Dancing from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

This was was recorded just a few days ago while we were in Miami. Colin started doing a silly kick while swimming. I only caught a little bit of it at the beginning, but its cute.

Colin kicking from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


Julie said...

i like the dance....but the song needs a little work. i must admit, it has potential but you need a stronger finish. you should hear my pooping song, i can give you some tips. (it is my only song though...i need to build my repetoire) weren't you in select choir?! c'mon now becky :)

Elaine said...

Maybe her and Kristeen can do some harmony..maybe at the shower we all can come up with some tunes!!