Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

Go ahead and try to tell me he isn't the cutest little cowboy you've ever seen!!! I will call you a LIAR!!! I'm actually glad he was afraid of the puppy dog costume, this turned out WAY cuter.

There is a new sheriff in town boys!
(click for a close up of that face!!)

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometime in September I realized I had un-intentionally posted (at least) one video every month since last October when I posted the first (post-natal) video of Colin. Now that I know that, I'm feeling the pressure to get videos up every month... Here is this months installment.

Colin says a lot of things, but many of his 'words' would be unintelligible to everyone but Sean and I. Here are some of the words Colin says oddly. See below the video for my attempt to spell what he says. Some of the words he signs too, which is how we even knew what he was saying in the first place.

Colin-ese 1 from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Hi- Hi
Water- Ba
Banana- Na (I forgot to have him say milk which is Ma)
Juice- tse
open -o
baby signing time-baby ti
bye bye-buh buh

And here is another video because I remembered some other funny words later. This is by no means all the words he can say (let alone sign), just those that came to mind as words Colin says oddly.

Colin-ese 2 from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Thank you- dih dih (not to be confused with dada)
shoes- chtoose
socks- cocks
garbage- bage (not to be confused with bus)
Bus- bus

Now you too can understand what Colin is saying!!

Colin is feeling better

For those of you who are worried I want to ease your mind and tell you Colin has responded very well to the steroid and has been breathing easy since about 9pm last night. He was sleeping so well I even put him back in the crib where he slept soundly from 3am-7am (I of course did not sleep as well since I kept waking up to make sure he was still breathing easily.) He even took a 2hr 15 min nap today and woke up happy.

I have some videos to upload to stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doctor Visit.

**Updated** see below:

I haven't updated you since we went to the doctor for Colin's 15 month appointment. Here are his current stats:

Height: 32.5" 94%ile
Weight 24lbs 13oz 77%ile.

So he is about the same percentiles as last time. Very tall for his age, but closer to average weight. He fits solidly in most 18-24 month clothes and I don't expect that to change for awhile. He can actually still fit his waist into his 12 month pants from last March but they are quite short on him.

We were supposed to get the MMR vaccine but didn't. After discussing our options with the pediatrician we decided he would get the regular flu vaccine first since there is a more immediate threat and then we will catch him up with MMR a little later. He will need another flu shot in a month since they only give kids a 1/2 dose. However, we both decided against an H1N1 vaccine. Colin is not in any high risk category for complications from H1N1, and so far the cases she has seen are no worse than a bad cold so there is no reason to give a controversial vaccine for a bad cold. Additionally with a confirmed case of Mumps in NJ she didn't want the MMR further delayed because of H1N1 vax.

Sounds all well and good right??? Well, three days after getting the flu vax, my perfectly healthy little boy has croup. Guess what one of the causes of croup is? The parainfluenza virus! Surprise surprise! Sean also gets sick every time he gets the flu vax, even though they say it isn't possible. I'm not sure we will get the flu vax again after this year!

Colin does pretty well during the day but has had a couple of terrible nights that have required Sean or I to sleep with him in the spare twin bed in his room. He seems very disturbed by the coughing and difficulty breathing (for good reason) so he needs some extra reassurance that he will be okay. To be honest, since Sean took the overnight shift in Colin's room last night I slept solidly from about 10 until 4 which is actually pretty good for me! Although that means I'll be taking the hit tonight! It is what it is.

I took Colin back to the dr early this evening because his breathing was worse after he got up from his nap. The dr put him on an oral steroid for three days and we will return to her on Friday morning to see how he is doing. The steroid is supposed to help his airways open back up. She also said he is likely to get worse before he gets better and if he seems to be restless and unable to breathe to go right to the emergency room. She was glad to hear we were sleeping with him to monitor him overnight. She assures me he couldn't have gotten this from the flu shot.. (that's what they all say) but even still, his immune system was probably compromised by the response needed to handle the flu shot. Whatever the reason, my poor boy is very sick. =(

Friday, October 23, 2009

NY Hall of Science

Last week the weather was cold and nasty all week and by Friday Colin was itching to do something out of the house so I finally took him to the NY Hall of Science which is less than 2 miles from our apartment. If the weather was nice I could easily walk. They have a pre-school play area that I thought Colin would enjoy so we went to check it out. He had a GREAT time. The room was smaller than I had thought it would be but still, he had fun. I'm sure we will be returning many times this winter. Next time I'll pack a lunch because the 'cafeteria' was not toddler friendly, in fact it wasn't really adult friendly either. Here are the pictures:

In the 0-2 section. Colin enjoyed the mats and tunnels.

Although to be honest he really barely fit!


Now we shop!

Although it is apparently better to BE the meat than BUY the meat. Colin is currently a vegetarian, I guess he has stronger feelings about it than I realized!

Time to check out.

"What do you mean I have to bag my own groceries?! Here little cucumber!"
Making some deliveries

While we unload the groceries into the kitchen Colin says:
"Here Mom, you put this one away"
The End.

We now have a two year membership!! Even better, there is a large section we couldn't get into the day we were there because of the school groups but it looks like there is a rather large train table in that area that I'm sure Colin will enjoy, and the membership fee sure is a lot cheaper than buying him one (not to mention finding room for one!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Favorite Things: Secret Weapon Edition

Every age has its joys and challenges, and for me one of the challenges of having a 1yr old is keeping him content and happy while we are out and about, shopping, attending church, driving long distances etc. Colin is generally a happy child, but he is definitely active so being confined to the car seat, stroller, shopping cart or pew can be met with some resistance. This edition of "Favorite Things" will outline my 'secret weapons'. The items I turn to when Colin starts to loose interest and patience with his current activity but the situation doesn't call for changing activities just yet.

Baby Einstein: Look at Me! Mirror Discovery Cards: I could have said flash cards in general but this set has really captivated him a lot recently so figured I would give it top billing. Colin loves books, but when we are out and about books are sometimes cumbersome or require too much participation from me. He is much more independent minded with flash cards right now, so I can participate for a moment and then go back to what I was doing (like picking the right peanut butter) without much complaint from him. I particularly love the cards that are attached with a ring (these aren't) because he can't drop each and every one when he is done looking at it, but different situations can handle different types. These, for example, work well in the car because aside from looking at the card he also enjoys taking them out of the box and then putting them back in (although if he can't get one to fit things can go down hill quickly.)

FruitaBu Organic Smooshed Fruit: My next few items are food related, which honestly at this age is a GREAT distraction. While he has mostly mastered feeding himself, this item is delivered like fruit-by-the-foot and therefore is not something he actually can eat without help. Therefore this is my current go-to, in church. I rip off a piece and give it to him and he goes back to people watching for a varying amount of time (depending on how interesting the people are) before requesting more. And can I tell you, I failed to recognize that signing would be so advantageous in church!?!? He can communicate with me without actually making a peep! It is great.The best part is that there is enough to last quite some time as long as I don't make the pieces too big.

Pirate's Booty : This was introduced to Colin by my sister, or more accurately by my nephew. If you have never eaten them, this particular type (Aged White Cheddar) is a hybrid of a cheeto (the puffy kind not the crunchy kind) and a piece of popcorn. The perfect size for Colin to get in his mouth in one bite. The best part is that there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives so while it isn't exactly a 'healthy snack' it also isn't a cheeto! The 1oz bags are the perfect size to open and hand him while he is in the shopping cart and he happily munches away and watches me shop. We have almost gotten to the point where he doesn't ripe open the entire bag and sprinkle the contents on the floor or in his lap, but I have been know to run back to the produce section for a plastic bag because he destroyed the original bag while I wasn't paying attention.

Toddler Mum-Mums: This one we don't get to use that often because I havn't found them in NYC but Colin really likes them. That will change now (probably both the 'not using them often' and the 'him really liking them' parts) since I just ordered them in bulk from Amazon (along with a new snack we'll be trying out..hey I had to get free shipping! right Julie?) Colin used to enjoy the baby mum mums but once he got a taste of these guys the baby ones were no longer acceptable. These have a strawberry flavor but still have that great Mum Mum texture that dissolves quickly and breaks cleanly with less crummy mess. We call them cookies for Colin's benefit but with only 1g of sugar they are more like a cracker. No guilt when I had these over that is for sure!

Open the Barn Door : This has been a great distraction tool since Colin was able to sit up. We have clocked countless hours with this one while in church. He will literally ask to read it over and over and over and over again (to the point where we have resorted to reading it upside down for a little excitement.) There really isn't much to it other than the lift and see flaps (that are surprisingly sturdy) with animals hiding underneath. Sean or I usually end up whispering the "Who says XYZ" part while Colin attempts to lift the flap to see who is hiding. This book is at least part of the reason Colin knows his animal sounds, even if most of the time this was read at a whisper. While looking this up on amazon I saw what looks like the zoo animal equivalent and added that to my mum mum order. I'll let you know if he enjoys that one as much.

So that's it for me. What are your secret weapons for getting your toddlers to behave? I can't wait for some new ideas.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colin's Eye.

I'm not really sure I have ever discussed Colin's eye issues on the blog. If I have it was probably way back when he was still and ity bity and it was novel. Let me sum up the story for you quickly
When Colin was probably about a month old we noticed that one of his eyes was draining down his face kept getting goopy, and it wasn't long after we saw the other eye do the same thing. Our pediatrician told us that it was just clogged tear ducts and as long as the goop wasn't green it was probably no big deal. She showed me how to massage the duct to help expel the mucus that can get stuck because the ducts are so narrow. We were told that most kids resolve the issue by a year old and just to keep massaging it when it got bad. His right eye did resolve itself by about 4 months old. His left eye has not. That isn't to say it is bad all the time, in fact, it is fine more often than it is bad, but it still gets clogged occasionally. I went back through some pictures to see if I could show you what I'm talking about, but between the 8,000 pictures I've taken and the fact that I generally don't take pictures of him when it is bad, or I delete pictures where it is obvious it was difficult to find examples. When it gets really bad both the upper and lower lid can get swollen and red.
In this pic you can see some swelling on his left (your right) eye.

If you click on the photo you should be able to see the redness in his lower lid.
Same as above.

Here you can see how it was draining

So where are we now? We have seen the specialist twice. At the first appointment he hadn't had any symptoms in about a two weeks so they thought maybe it had resolved itself. The very next day it started draining again. So we went back and again, they didn't see much but they did put dye in both eyes to see how the drainage compared. They checked at five minutes and only saw a moderate difference between the eyes, but decided to refer us to the surgeon because it was clearly still an issue even if they aren't seeing the evidence of it. Of course the entire way home Colin was getting strange looks on the subway because he was 'crying' (he wasn't actually crying) orange tears out of his left eye. Our appointment with the surgeon is in mid-November. That gives Colin one more month to heal himself, and then we will schedule the surgery. In an adult, you would put your head back and be told to hold still while a wire was inserted into the duct to open it. Obviously, you can't hold an infant still and reasonably stick a pointy object near their eye. So he will have to be put under anesthesia for the procedure which is really the riskiest part of the whole thing. He will not have to stay overnight.

So that is the scoop. It's a little scary because someone is going to come at my baby with a pointy object with the intent of poking a hole in his eye! I'm trying to remember that this is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. There are parents who have dealt with a lot more serious illnesses than this. I'll keep you posted.

Fall Fun.

While we were visiting my family upstate over Columbus Day weekend, Sean really wanted to find some fall festivities to take Colin to. We ended up at Critz Farms and had a great time. Here are some of the photos that resulted from the trip. A few of them were taken by my mother on her new Canon Digital Rebel XT ( just to give credit where credit is due.)

Colin thought the hay bales were the best thing ever. He couldn't stop smiling.

This is him literally shrieking with delight. He now moves faster than my camera can focus so many of our pictures have this blurred effect.

Everyone is prepared for Kamikaze Colin. He literally just walks off the edge without even slowing down. (photo credit to my Mom)

Aside from Colin being cute, I thought the clouds looked pretty in this photo.

Here he comes! (Mom took this one too)

We let Colin pet and feed the animals at the petting zoo this time. Sean has been letting him help give the cats their treats in the morning so he is well versed in hand feeding now. I was also less worried about him trying to poke their eyes out.

A warm up run outside the fense.... actually I didn't realize you were allowed to go in at first.

Colin did a great job with these two little guys.

But this big one on the right was a little too aggressive. We watched him literally jumping up on another girl like he was a dog so I pulled Colin up away from him and gave him my back in case he tried to jump on us. He didn't.

This is me giving the mean one a gentle elbow jab to get him to go away the second time. It actually worked. He didn't mess with us again. I guess I speak fluent goat! That or goats respond well to dog commands.

Colin got to ride the cow train with his daddy. To me, I can see a lot of Sean (as seen in this photo) in Colin (not necessarily in this photo) if that makes sense. I also love the kid in the cow in front of them. He must be well trained.

The whole train.

Having fun!

Colin trying on Daddy's Hat.

The East Coast Jones Family circa 2009.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Colin is 15 months old!!

Check out that canine!

Wow, 15 months! We have a doctors appointment this month but we haven't had it yet, so when I get his height and weight info I will update this post. This is also MMR month, and even though I've done the research, I know the risk is low, I still worry. There are mothers who are convinced their children were normal until they got the MMR vaccine, and it is those voices that keep me worried. I've done everything I think is reasonable at this point, so I'm just going to breathe and we are going to get through this. I will be very happy to be on the other side of this vaccine.

So lets get on with it shall we?

Sleeping: We are mostly in a holding pattern (Do I saw this a lot?). Colin's nap routine has been in flux this , he used to nap well from 11-1, but the nap was getting shorter and putting him down was harder so we have been trying to push him to nap from 1-3. It hasn't been easy and I've been wishy washy because I wasn't confident he was ready. I'm confident now, and we are doing a little better the last few days but I'm still not getting two hours out of him, and who knows maybe I won't get two hours anymore. Overnight isn't getting any better or worse, but Colin is refusing to put himself to sleep the way he was. It has been very difficult on everyone and we've had to put the training on hold until the nap routine is worked out. Hopefully things will get back on track shortly luckily he isn't doing to badly overnight.

  • My hair: This is definitely not new this month but I'm not sure if I've mentioned it as much as it deserves. Colin is seriously obsessed with my hair, it seems to be his 'lovie', the thing he is attached to, the thing he wants to cling to when he is scared or hurt or tired. The downside is, it drives me freaking NUTS and it hurts. it is the little sensitive hairs on the back of your neck that he gravitates to and he just pulls them right out! I've tried to substitute stuffed animals with hair-like fur but so far no luck. I probably say "Colin, don't pull Mommy's hair please" about 100 times a day.
  • Climbing: He climbs on anything and everything and so far he hasn't taken any major spills but it is likely inevitable. This child is all boy.
  • Rough-housing with Daddy: I wish I could bottle the sound of his laughter when he is playing with his Daddy. Every afternoon around 5:30 our living room turns into a hallmark or maybe chase bank commercial.
  • Being read to: I always hoped Colin would love reading, but I wasn't prepared for him to carry a book around and hold it up asking to be read to SO OFTEN. It doesn't matter what else I'm doing, it is time to read, because how can you refuse to read to a 15 month old!? Although after reading DOG for the hundredth time, I have been heard saying "Maybe Daddy would like to read it now."Not actually a book but you get the idea
  • Go-go-going: Oh man, Colin is a major fan of leaving the apartment. No 'go' is a bad word in our house because if we use it for anything, Colin will ask to "go-go" for the next three hours. So forget saying " I'm going to go to the bathroom" or "Let's go get dressed" because all he hears is "go." It doesn't matter if we just got home either, he wants to go again. Honestly, we could be out and he will still ask to go!
  • His Halloween costume. Uh-oh... not quite sure how this will play out but Colin is afraid of his costume (and it isn't scary in the least.) We may end up having to make some last minute adjustments...
  • The giggle ball. I brought it out the other day...yeah he still hates it. (and it is still freaking hysterical)
  • Having his sleeves pushed back. With the chilly weather we are wearing a lot more long sleeves, this means dirty sleeves after meals. So I try to push them up to keep them out of the way...Colin isn't a fan but he is getting used to it.
  • Being told 'no' by anyone other than his parents. This one I find funny. If anyone other than Sean or I corrects Colin's behavior by saying "No", his little lip comes out, he looks down at the ground and tries for about 5-10 seconds to keep it together but eventually out come the sobs! It is actually very cute to watch for anyone other than the person who just said no. Any other phrasing used for correcting behavior works fine but somehow, NO is a trigger word for crying. Sean and I only rarely get this reaction.
  • His bibs. Lately Colin has decided he doesn't like wearing his bibs and rips them off mid-meal. Erin mentioned her boys did this but I figured we were in the clear since he never touched it before but no. The power of suggestion I guess. Might be time to look for non-Velcro bibs.

    Hugs for daddy.
New Things:
  • Colin really likes doing his animal sounds. Aside from cow, cat, goat, sheep, dogs and ducks he now has sounds for monkey, hawk, pig and lion. He uses these sounds to identify the animals. For example someone left a little monkey doll out and he picked it up and started making his monkey noise.
  • Colin makes a new whining sound that is not exactly pleasant I'm not sure I can describe it but it is the sound made when his whine gets too high pitched to make the sound without screaming. It is sort of like a whispered growl.
  • Signs: This is getting harder to list since I can't remember what is new or remember what he actually signs. But I think the following signs are new this month. Carrot, corn, cookie, bus, hurt and banana.
  • Teeth: #13 was the last molar (his upper left) and #14 was the upper right canine. I'll say it again. Can we have a break now please?

The end

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Too tired...

I wanted to get Colin's 15 month post up today but it is only about halfway done and I'm too tired to finish it so it will have to wait...Tomorrow is a busy day and we have our second doctors appointment with the eye specialist on Monday morning (about the clogged tear duct) so hopefully I'll get it done by Monday night. At least I took the photos on time this month!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be Impressed!

I just want everyone to know that I, ME, the one who hates food, yeah me, actually made and ate and ENJOYED, chili this evening!! Now, unless you are from Ohio, you may not consider this 'REAL' chili because it didn't have any beans. However, it was made with chili powder and hot sauce so it totally qualifies! Next time I might even put the full recommended amount of chili powder in it (I got nervous and only used 1.5 TBs instead of 2..) I've started to like the idea of chili recently, since I enjoy slathering things with cheese and sour cream so I thought I would give it a whirl.
Here is the recipe I used. I followed some of the reviewers suggestions and used Worcestershire sauce instead of red wine vinegar and the above mentioned adjustment (which totally wasn't necessary) but otherwise kept to the recipe. Oh wait, I'm lying, I used ground turkey because we rarely eat beef (and there was more than 1lb in the package but I went with it.)

Here was the result... I made Nachos count as dinner folks, how cool is that!?! (You can tell mine from Sean's because it is buried in cheese)

(my presentation skills need some work)

....and guess who else wanted in on this action?!? You guessed it, 'the one who hates food jr'. At first I thought it was just the tortilla chips but he wouldn't eat them alone so I guess not. He did eventually catch on that there was meat (okay poultry) in this dish and was sucking the sauce off and spiting out the turkey.

How cute is he?!?

P.S. I have lots of pictures to share from our weekend upstate but I came home with a little head cold so this is all I can muster right now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Someone please stop this *$%# express train I would like to get off!! I was mentioning to Sean the other night that we must have switched kids in Miami because the Colin we brought home was not the same Colin we left with. He has just been very clingy and whiny for days, on and off with no apparent cause, until I once again am changing his diaper and notice more flashes of white. His upper left molar popped through last night and this afternoon I see the tip of the upper right canine bearing its ugly head. Well no wonder he has been in "a mood". I guess when he wasn't spiking a fever, or waking up screaming like a banshee I failed to recognize that he was teething. I just sort of figured since the first canine wasn't all the way in yet it was still giving him some discomfort. HA. I guess Colin just is handling the pain better this time since it is only TWO teeth instead of three at once.

My poor baby. We are all feeling a little run down today after Colin being awake from 2:20-4:45 last night. I thought he was having issues with a gas bubble in his intestines the way he was fine for a while and then writhing and then fine again ::repeat 12 dozen times:: I guess it was probably a little bit of both.

This was the only thing that made him happy today, so despite being horribly dangerous, I allowed him to do it. (With close supervision, and actually it looks worse in the picture than it does in real life.) He is saying "People of Jackson Heights I am your leader!!" okay no, actually he is saying "bus!"

The silver lining is that we are almost done. Assuming the 2yr molars wait there freaking turn and don't come until he is actually two (fat chance) we only have two more teeth to go.