Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be Impressed!

I just want everyone to know that I, ME, the one who hates food, yeah me, actually made and ate and ENJOYED, chili this evening!! Now, unless you are from Ohio, you may not consider this 'REAL' chili because it didn't have any beans. However, it was made with chili powder and hot sauce so it totally qualifies! Next time I might even put the full recommended amount of chili powder in it (I got nervous and only used 1.5 TBs instead of 2..) I've started to like the idea of chili recently, since I enjoy slathering things with cheese and sour cream so I thought I would give it a whirl.
Here is the recipe I used. I followed some of the reviewers suggestions and used Worcestershire sauce instead of red wine vinegar and the above mentioned adjustment (which totally wasn't necessary) but otherwise kept to the recipe. Oh wait, I'm lying, I used ground turkey because we rarely eat beef (and there was more than 1lb in the package but I went with it.)

Here was the result... I made Nachos count as dinner folks, how cool is that!?! (You can tell mine from Sean's because it is buried in cheese)

(my presentation skills need some work)

....and guess who else wanted in on this action?!? You guessed it, 'the one who hates food jr'. At first I thought it was just the tortilla chips but he wouldn't eat them alone so I guess not. He did eventually catch on that there was meat (okay poultry) in this dish and was sucking the sauce off and spiting out the turkey.

How cute is he?!?

P.S. I have lots of pictures to share from our weekend upstate but I came home with a little head cold so this is all I can muster right now.


Julie said...

yay! good for you! i am making chili tomorrow. i like to make mine in the crock pot and let it simmer all day. yummy. it is perfect for the clder months.

i hope you feel better for your next visit so you can get some "squeezing" in:)

srezsnyak said...

Stephanie just made chili the other day, must be that time of year! Very delicious!