Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometime in September I realized I had un-intentionally posted (at least) one video every month since last October when I posted the first (post-natal) video of Colin. Now that I know that, I'm feeling the pressure to get videos up every month... Here is this months installment.

Colin says a lot of things, but many of his 'words' would be unintelligible to everyone but Sean and I. Here are some of the words Colin says oddly. See below the video for my attempt to spell what he says. Some of the words he signs too, which is how we even knew what he was saying in the first place.

Colin-ese 1 from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Hi- Hi
Water- Ba
Banana- Na (I forgot to have him say milk which is Ma)
Juice- tse
open -o
baby signing time-baby ti
bye bye-buh buh

And here is another video because I remembered some other funny words later. This is by no means all the words he can say (let alone sign), just those that came to mind as words Colin says oddly.

Colin-ese 2 from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Thank you- dih dih (not to be confused with dada)
shoes- chtoose
socks- cocks
garbage- bage (not to be confused with bus)
Bus- bus

Now you too can understand what Colin is saying!!


Julie said...

this is just too much cuteness!

JJ said...

I agree with Julie...God he IS adorable!!

Nicole said...

I also agree! He is adorable!