Monday, October 19, 2009

Colin is 15 months old!!

Check out that canine!

Wow, 15 months! We have a doctors appointment this month but we haven't had it yet, so when I get his height and weight info I will update this post. This is also MMR month, and even though I've done the research, I know the risk is low, I still worry. There are mothers who are convinced their children were normal until they got the MMR vaccine, and it is those voices that keep me worried. I've done everything I think is reasonable at this point, so I'm just going to breathe and we are going to get through this. I will be very happy to be on the other side of this vaccine.

So lets get on with it shall we?

Sleeping: We are mostly in a holding pattern (Do I saw this a lot?). Colin's nap routine has been in flux this , he used to nap well from 11-1, but the nap was getting shorter and putting him down was harder so we have been trying to push him to nap from 1-3. It hasn't been easy and I've been wishy washy because I wasn't confident he was ready. I'm confident now, and we are doing a little better the last few days but I'm still not getting two hours out of him, and who knows maybe I won't get two hours anymore. Overnight isn't getting any better or worse, but Colin is refusing to put himself to sleep the way he was. It has been very difficult on everyone and we've had to put the training on hold until the nap routine is worked out. Hopefully things will get back on track shortly luckily he isn't doing to badly overnight.

  • My hair: This is definitely not new this month but I'm not sure if I've mentioned it as much as it deserves. Colin is seriously obsessed with my hair, it seems to be his 'lovie', the thing he is attached to, the thing he wants to cling to when he is scared or hurt or tired. The downside is, it drives me freaking NUTS and it hurts. it is the little sensitive hairs on the back of your neck that he gravitates to and he just pulls them right out! I've tried to substitute stuffed animals with hair-like fur but so far no luck. I probably say "Colin, don't pull Mommy's hair please" about 100 times a day.
  • Climbing: He climbs on anything and everything and so far he hasn't taken any major spills but it is likely inevitable. This child is all boy.
  • Rough-housing with Daddy: I wish I could bottle the sound of his laughter when he is playing with his Daddy. Every afternoon around 5:30 our living room turns into a hallmark or maybe chase bank commercial.
  • Being read to: I always hoped Colin would love reading, but I wasn't prepared for him to carry a book around and hold it up asking to be read to SO OFTEN. It doesn't matter what else I'm doing, it is time to read, because how can you refuse to read to a 15 month old!? Although after reading DOG for the hundredth time, I have been heard saying "Maybe Daddy would like to read it now."Not actually a book but you get the idea
  • Go-go-going: Oh man, Colin is a major fan of leaving the apartment. No 'go' is a bad word in our house because if we use it for anything, Colin will ask to "go-go" for the next three hours. So forget saying " I'm going to go to the bathroom" or "Let's go get dressed" because all he hears is "go." It doesn't matter if we just got home either, he wants to go again. Honestly, we could be out and he will still ask to go!
  • His Halloween costume. Uh-oh... not quite sure how this will play out but Colin is afraid of his costume (and it isn't scary in the least.) We may end up having to make some last minute adjustments...
  • The giggle ball. I brought it out the other day...yeah he still hates it. (and it is still freaking hysterical)
  • Having his sleeves pushed back. With the chilly weather we are wearing a lot more long sleeves, this means dirty sleeves after meals. So I try to push them up to keep them out of the way...Colin isn't a fan but he is getting used to it.
  • Being told 'no' by anyone other than his parents. This one I find funny. If anyone other than Sean or I corrects Colin's behavior by saying "No", his little lip comes out, he looks down at the ground and tries for about 5-10 seconds to keep it together but eventually out come the sobs! It is actually very cute to watch for anyone other than the person who just said no. Any other phrasing used for correcting behavior works fine but somehow, NO is a trigger word for crying. Sean and I only rarely get this reaction.
  • His bibs. Lately Colin has decided he doesn't like wearing his bibs and rips them off mid-meal. Erin mentioned her boys did this but I figured we were in the clear since he never touched it before but no. The power of suggestion I guess. Might be time to look for non-Velcro bibs.

    Hugs for daddy.
New Things:
  • Colin really likes doing his animal sounds. Aside from cow, cat, goat, sheep, dogs and ducks he now has sounds for monkey, hawk, pig and lion. He uses these sounds to identify the animals. For example someone left a little monkey doll out and he picked it up and started making his monkey noise.
  • Colin makes a new whining sound that is not exactly pleasant I'm not sure I can describe it but it is the sound made when his whine gets too high pitched to make the sound without screaming. It is sort of like a whispered growl.
  • Signs: This is getting harder to list since I can't remember what is new or remember what he actually signs. But I think the following signs are new this month. Carrot, corn, cookie, bus, hurt and banana.
  • Teeth: #13 was the last molar (his upper left) and #14 was the upper right canine. I'll say it again. Can we have a break now please?

The end


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i am putting in a cruel request for a video of colin's reaction to the giggle ball. i don't care, i just need to see it!

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