Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colin's Eye.

I'm not really sure I have ever discussed Colin's eye issues on the blog. If I have it was probably way back when he was still and ity bity and it was novel. Let me sum up the story for you quickly
When Colin was probably about a month old we noticed that one of his eyes was draining down his face kept getting goopy, and it wasn't long after we saw the other eye do the same thing. Our pediatrician told us that it was just clogged tear ducts and as long as the goop wasn't green it was probably no big deal. She showed me how to massage the duct to help expel the mucus that can get stuck because the ducts are so narrow. We were told that most kids resolve the issue by a year old and just to keep massaging it when it got bad. His right eye did resolve itself by about 4 months old. His left eye has not. That isn't to say it is bad all the time, in fact, it is fine more often than it is bad, but it still gets clogged occasionally. I went back through some pictures to see if I could show you what I'm talking about, but between the 8,000 pictures I've taken and the fact that I generally don't take pictures of him when it is bad, or I delete pictures where it is obvious it was difficult to find examples. When it gets really bad both the upper and lower lid can get swollen and red.
In this pic you can see some swelling on his left (your right) eye.

If you click on the photo you should be able to see the redness in his lower lid.
Same as above.

Here you can see how it was draining

So where are we now? We have seen the specialist twice. At the first appointment he hadn't had any symptoms in about a two weeks so they thought maybe it had resolved itself. The very next day it started draining again. So we went back and again, they didn't see much but they did put dye in both eyes to see how the drainage compared. They checked at five minutes and only saw a moderate difference between the eyes, but decided to refer us to the surgeon because it was clearly still an issue even if they aren't seeing the evidence of it. Of course the entire way home Colin was getting strange looks on the subway because he was 'crying' (he wasn't actually crying) orange tears out of his left eye. Our appointment with the surgeon is in mid-November. That gives Colin one more month to heal himself, and then we will schedule the surgery. In an adult, you would put your head back and be told to hold still while a wire was inserted into the duct to open it. Obviously, you can't hold an infant still and reasonably stick a pointy object near their eye. So he will have to be put under anesthesia for the procedure which is really the riskiest part of the whole thing. He will not have to stay overnight.

So that is the scoop. It's a little scary because someone is going to come at my baby with a pointy object with the intent of poking a hole in his eye! I'm trying to remember that this is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. There are parents who have dealt with a lot more serious illnesses than this. I'll keep you posted.

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Daisy and Ryan said...

I'm so sorry you are all going through this. How scary to know surgery is likely to be in the near future..and that Colin will have to be put under for it.

You know...I decided to quit trying to say (or to try to decrease it, at least!) that things with our children aren't too bad compared to what could be. It's always true, but no need to try to minimize it for anyone else's sake, though it is good to sometimes see things from a bigger perspective... I know my husband does that - doesn't like to appear like he's looking for pity or anything like that. And I do it some, too. We've dealt with Aiden's IP issues/testing/unanswered questions/etc and now the allergies - sometimes taking on the "it could be worse" thinking, which is true...it could. And it's good to keep that in mind and be grateful, but at the same time, it is what it is and we still have to deal with that - and the fact that there ARE concerns. And I was even just thinking while discussing things with the allergist that he must think we have it easy compared to some of his other patients. But the thing is...Aiden is MY child, just like Colin is YOUR child. And it doesn't always matter what others are going through compared to that, you know. Not sure if this is coming out like I want it to... Not that others aren't important, but what you have to go through is important, too.

Anyway...we'll be thinking about you all and Colin's eye. Hopefully it will just clear up and surgery will not be necessary. But if it is, we'll be praying that he'll be in the best hands possible and all will go well. I know it's got to be tough for you!