Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doctor Visit.

**Updated** see below:

I haven't updated you since we went to the doctor for Colin's 15 month appointment. Here are his current stats:

Height: 32.5" 94%ile
Weight 24lbs 13oz 77%ile.

So he is about the same percentiles as last time. Very tall for his age, but closer to average weight. He fits solidly in most 18-24 month clothes and I don't expect that to change for awhile. He can actually still fit his waist into his 12 month pants from last March but they are quite short on him.

We were supposed to get the MMR vaccine but didn't. After discussing our options with the pediatrician we decided he would get the regular flu vaccine first since there is a more immediate threat and then we will catch him up with MMR a little later. He will need another flu shot in a month since they only give kids a 1/2 dose. However, we both decided against an H1N1 vaccine. Colin is not in any high risk category for complications from H1N1, and so far the cases she has seen are no worse than a bad cold so there is no reason to give a controversial vaccine for a bad cold. Additionally with a confirmed case of Mumps in NJ she didn't want the MMR further delayed because of H1N1 vax.

Sounds all well and good right??? Well, three days after getting the flu vax, my perfectly healthy little boy has croup. Guess what one of the causes of croup is? The parainfluenza virus! Surprise surprise! Sean also gets sick every time he gets the flu vax, even though they say it isn't possible. I'm not sure we will get the flu vax again after this year!

Colin does pretty well during the day but has had a couple of terrible nights that have required Sean or I to sleep with him in the spare twin bed in his room. He seems very disturbed by the coughing and difficulty breathing (for good reason) so he needs some extra reassurance that he will be okay. To be honest, since Sean took the overnight shift in Colin's room last night I slept solidly from about 10 until 4 which is actually pretty good for me! Although that means I'll be taking the hit tonight! It is what it is.

I took Colin back to the dr early this evening because his breathing was worse after he got up from his nap. The dr put him on an oral steroid for three days and we will return to her on Friday morning to see how he is doing. The steroid is supposed to help his airways open back up. She also said he is likely to get worse before he gets better and if he seems to be restless and unable to breathe to go right to the emergency room. She was glad to hear we were sleeping with him to monitor him overnight. She assures me he couldn't have gotten this from the flu shot.. (that's what they all say) but even still, his immune system was probably compromised by the response needed to handle the flu shot. Whatever the reason, my poor boy is very sick. =(


Erin said...

It's too bad that Colin is sick, but I think you guys are really fortunate that he's managed to stay healthy for so long! The boys both had croup when they were about 6 months old (and in daycare) -- it is a pretty yucky sickness, but hang in there, he will get better soon. I'm still pro-flu shot for my guys b/c I have seen too many segments on "The Today Show" discussing toddler deaths from the flu!

Becky said...

You are absolutely right. We have been super lucky that he had a mostly healthy first year plus.

Erin said...

Aww, poor guy! Hopefully the steroids will help him, how scary.