Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fun.

While we were visiting my family upstate over Columbus Day weekend, Sean really wanted to find some fall festivities to take Colin to. We ended up at Critz Farms and had a great time. Here are some of the photos that resulted from the trip. A few of them were taken by my mother on her new Canon Digital Rebel XT ( just to give credit where credit is due.)

Colin thought the hay bales were the best thing ever. He couldn't stop smiling.

This is him literally shrieking with delight. He now moves faster than my camera can focus so many of our pictures have this blurred effect.

Everyone is prepared for Kamikaze Colin. He literally just walks off the edge without even slowing down. (photo credit to my Mom)

Aside from Colin being cute, I thought the clouds looked pretty in this photo.

Here he comes! (Mom took this one too)

We let Colin pet and feed the animals at the petting zoo this time. Sean has been letting him help give the cats their treats in the morning so he is well versed in hand feeding now. I was also less worried about him trying to poke their eyes out.

A warm up run outside the fense.... actually I didn't realize you were allowed to go in at first.

Colin did a great job with these two little guys.

But this big one on the right was a little too aggressive. We watched him literally jumping up on another girl like he was a dog so I pulled Colin up away from him and gave him my back in case he tried to jump on us. He didn't.

This is me giving the mean one a gentle elbow jab to get him to go away the second time. It actually worked. He didn't mess with us again. I guess I speak fluent goat! That or goats respond well to dog commands.

Colin got to ride the cow train with his daddy. To me, I can see a lot of Sean (as seen in this photo) in Colin (not necessarily in this photo) if that makes sense. I also love the kid in the cow in front of them. He must be well trained.

The whole train.

Having fun!

Colin trying on Daddy's Hat.

The East Coast Jones Family circa 2009.


Kristeen said...

interesting... I feel like I've seen these pics before... :) Such a hacker. I love the pic of him trying on Sean's hat-- such a punk! Colin is my homeboy!

JJ said...

Bec..when you click on the picture of you helping Colin walk up into the pirate boat...you can see in your facial expression "you" are having a hard time keeping up with the little guy who is operating at "light" speed! His grin is sooo large and Sean has only captured the side view...but his excitement is pouring out of every pore!

Julie said...

he is sooo cute! i love the look of excitement on his face as he flies down the slide. weeeee

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