Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little bit of everything...

I've been slacking a little with the blog posts but mostly because I have spent nearly every day of the past month either traveling, packing or unpacking! The plans we had to travel to Albany this weekend, for better or worse, were canceled so we had a relaxing weekend at home (which means I took Colin out to Long Island on Friday night for a high school football game and we went to a baseball game on Sunday afternoon.... I think I may have a problem staying put!) Here are some highlights from the past two weeks.

For the first time ever, Colin stayed with a babysitter during the day for six hours. That babysitter was my mother so it isn't like he was with a stranger. For most kids this isn't a big deal, but for Colin, we were a little nervous. He has stayed with Sean's mom a couple of times before but it was later in the evening and he would generally cry on and off until he fell asleep. However, since they were always in a hotel (so Sean and I could attend weddings) and it was very close to bedtime, this wasn't exactly a recipe for success. During the day and in his own house he did really really well. We all (Sean, Me, my Mom and Colin) left at the same time and Sean and I split off (after saying goodbye) and Colin and my Mom went for a walk. Colin spent the rest of the day playing with my Mom with only a minor protest when he got back and realized we weren't around. Here is a photo of him having fun with Grandma. I guess we now know how to manipulate (for lack of a better term) the situation to make it easier on him. However I should note that I 'paid' for my absence quite a bit over the next week or so with a very clingy baby who thought I was going to leave him at any moment.

The very next day after the babysitting, we left for Miami to visit Chris and Oana. We had a great time, and even when to Land Shark Stadium to watch a Mets v. Marlins game. Colin even got to run the bases after the game! Here are some photos from our trip.

Colin, Sean Chris and Oana at the game (I'm behind the camera)
Colin running the bases with Sean.
Colin having lunch, before we realized that Colin's booster seat should not be used with the bar stools.

Colin even made a new friend with the child of a friend of Chris'.

We got home on Tuesday and by Thursday Colin was itchy for more activity, so when Sean's sister asked if we would like to come see her cheer at the football game on Friday night I figured Colin would enjoy it. Here are some pictures from the game, including some of Katie cheering. It was exceptionally chilly that evening, hence Colin's hat and the cheerleaders pants. Those of you who remember little Katie from my wedding, will see that Katie isn't so little anymore.

Katie during the Star Spangled Banner (the set of her chin is somewhat reminiscent of this photo)
Go Devils Go.
Colin in his hat!

Shes Up!
Then shes down (safely).


AbbeM said...

I'm loving the new background, and it has inspired me to try the free backgrounds on hotbliggityblog! Thanks for getting that info out there.

Sounds like you guys have been crazy busy! I can sympathize; we've been all over the place too. Hope you get some time to settle soon!

JJ said...

Adorable graphics Bec...and the picture of Colin running the bases with Sean you could just feel those little legs going!

Kristeen said...

This background looks like the Cooligan's nursery.

Is Colin playing in ::gasp:: sand?? Good for him! Now YOU get over your issue with it so we can go vacation on the beach and force our kids to be friends, got it??