Friday, October 23, 2009

NY Hall of Science

Last week the weather was cold and nasty all week and by Friday Colin was itching to do something out of the house so I finally took him to the NY Hall of Science which is less than 2 miles from our apartment. If the weather was nice I could easily walk. They have a pre-school play area that I thought Colin would enjoy so we went to check it out. He had a GREAT time. The room was smaller than I had thought it would be but still, he had fun. I'm sure we will be returning many times this winter. Next time I'll pack a lunch because the 'cafeteria' was not toddler friendly, in fact it wasn't really adult friendly either. Here are the pictures:

In the 0-2 section. Colin enjoyed the mats and tunnels.

Although to be honest he really barely fit!


Now we shop!

Although it is apparently better to BE the meat than BUY the meat. Colin is currently a vegetarian, I guess he has stronger feelings about it than I realized!

Time to check out.

"What do you mean I have to bag my own groceries?! Here little cucumber!"
Making some deliveries

While we unload the groceries into the kitchen Colin says:
"Here Mom, you put this one away"
The End.

We now have a two year membership!! Even better, there is a large section we couldn't get into the day we were there because of the school groups but it looks like there is a rather large train table in that area that I'm sure Colin will enjoy, and the membership fee sure is a lot cheaper than buying him one (not to mention finding room for one!)


Anonymous said...

Is he a vegetarian by choice?

looks like fun!!! Are there things as he grows or is it just for young children?-Elaine

Becky said...

The vegetarian thing is just that he mostly refuses to eat meat. There is one preparation for chicken I can at least get him to put in his mouth but he spits it out after chewing it for a while. I'm guessing its a texture issue, but we keep trying. The regular museum is pretty big and had lots of fun things for older kids...I'm not sure if we will live hear long enough for him to enjoy all of it.

AbbeM said...

Wow, that looks like tons of fun! There was a kids museum in Richmond that had similar stations. I wish we had something like that for Natalie; for now, her My Gym membership must qualify.

And I don't think Natalie would know what to do if she didn't have chicken! It's one of her favorites.

Erin said...

that looks like a fun place -- especially the grocery shopping! I hope that you guys don't plan on living in Queens for that long, who knows how long that beautiful house on the corner by MY house will be on the market ... :)