Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Someone please stop this *$%# express train I would like to get off!! I was mentioning to Sean the other night that we must have switched kids in Miami because the Colin we brought home was not the same Colin we left with. He has just been very clingy and whiny for days, on and off with no apparent cause, until I once again am changing his diaper and notice more flashes of white. His upper left molar popped through last night and this afternoon I see the tip of the upper right canine bearing its ugly head. Well no wonder he has been in "a mood". I guess when he wasn't spiking a fever, or waking up screaming like a banshee I failed to recognize that he was teething. I just sort of figured since the first canine wasn't all the way in yet it was still giving him some discomfort. HA. I guess Colin just is handling the pain better this time since it is only TWO teeth instead of three at once.

My poor baby. We are all feeling a little run down today after Colin being awake from 2:20-4:45 last night. I thought he was having issues with a gas bubble in his intestines the way he was fine for a while and then writhing and then fine again ::repeat 12 dozen times:: I guess it was probably a little bit of both.

This was the only thing that made him happy today, so despite being horribly dangerous, I allowed him to do it. (With close supervision, and actually it looks worse in the picture than it does in real life.) He is saying "People of Jackson Heights I am your leader!!" okay no, actually he is saying "bus!"

The silver lining is that we are almost done. Assuming the 2yr molars wait there freaking turn and don't come until he is actually two (fat chance) we only have two more teeth to go.


Julie said...

poor colin and poor mom and dad! i hope this passes soon before you completely lose your minds. maybe grandma and grandpa can take over for you this weekend on your visit:)

AbbeM said...

I'm sorry Becky! Dealing with random periods like this can be awful. We've had our share too...but it does pass, as you know.

One of Natalie's favorite things is to point out "bus" and "truck" too!

I totally understand letting him do the thing that you might not (because it's dangerous) when it's the only thing that makes him happy. For your own sanity, you have to. We've done the same.

Kristeen said...

It's just not the same unless your name is "Bill" and you're in Harlem :)