Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colin at Play

A few pictures from the start of our week.

Colin really enjoys riding on his push walker

He removes all the blocks from the lower compartment so he can put his feet in it. My guess is it makes him feel more stable.

Trying on Mommy's boots!

He has a new fascination with trying to fit IN boxes, he is still working on the idea that some boxes are too small to get into.

He is a little dissapointed.

I just got wheels for my laundry carts so now we can take them all the way to the laundry room as is.. Colin thinks they are great fun and pulled this one all the way back to our door. He loves to help!


Kristeen said...

I love the little Adidas outfit-- very cute! He looks like such a little boy, when the heck did that happen?

Becky said...

when you got a teeny little baby to compare him too.

JJ said...

awww Bec...he is just too precious! Can't wait to see him! xo

Julie said...

LOL! he looks so disappointed that he cannot fit in that little box. i suppose you've got to learn somehow!

cute boots, becky. i am jealous of your boot collection. i am currently looking for some cute boots to wear out in the winter that are not uggs! where did you get your winter boots? (the ones you wore on halloween)

Anonymous said...

Colin---many women understand how you feel not fitting into that box...I many times have felt like "are you serious that I can't fit into these pants anymore~" Ha ha ha.

He is growing up WAY too quick but is too darn cute!!! I love all the pictures. Glad to hear he is such a great helper with laundry.