Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colin is 16 months old.

Laughing at the cats.

Ta Da! Sweet 16 months! =) No height and weight this month, you'll have to wait until next month when we get his next flu shot (or maybe no one except me cares!) MMR was delayed until after the seasonal flu vaccines are finished so I'm guessing he will get that sometime around 19 months. We still have no intention of giving him a swine flu vaccine.

Sleeping! TA DA! I finally have truly good news to report in this section. Sean and I pulled the plug on the no-cry sleep solution in favor of the some-cry sleep solution and it seems to be working. If you haven't already, you can click back through the posts about that here, and here to learn more. His overnight sleep has improved a lot in the last week and a half. Previously, he would wake up anywhere from 2 to 6 times but averaged about 3 or 4, now he is only getting up once(twice at the worst). Training at nap time didn't go that poorly either. This remains a work in progress. We still have to do overnight training.
During this time I've also been trying to introduce a transitional object or 'lovie'. My mom found some of my childhood Gund puppies that were still in good shape so she cleaned them up and let him play with them. Colin seemed to be showing an interest in the littlest one so I went full speed ahead trying to get him to attach to it. When he didn't chuck it out of the crib (like he did his pants!) on that first night of sleep training I figured we had a shot. I have been trying to hold it behind my head so he can't get to my hair while we are rocking overnight, it worked for awhile but he has leaned how to get around it now. We'll have to see...

Looking more and more like a big boy and less and less like a baby.

  • The cats. Colin really loves the cats right now. They on the other hand aren't so thrilled with him, but are learning to move quicker. Unfortunately for them, their tail is the last thing he can get to and boy does he try. When he connects and holds on, Sean or I have to intervene to release the cat, and nearly always get a warning bite (teeth touch flesh but they don't bite down.) They seem to know he isn't responsible for his actions and don't try to punish him. He doesn't seem to understand the warning signs so I'm sure it won't be long before they bite or scratch him. He will surely deserve it.
  • Climbing! Last month this was cute, now it is dangerous. I've had to move furniture around so he can't get too high off the ground by going from one thing to another.While we have rules about which things he can climb on and which he can't, we are still working on him following those rules.
  • Go-go-going. It is the first thing he says in the morning and the last thing he says at night. It is downright exhausting.
  • Mommy's Make-up bag. It is filled with all sorts of treasures Colin would love to play with! Luckily he still can't figure out how to open anything!
  • Capping and Uncapping chap stick. Who would have thought a chap stick tube would provide so much entertainment. I recently sacrificed a tube of Nivea chap stick so that he could play with it all the time. It has a nice long cap so it isn't a chocking hazard like most others. The actual product when into the garbage since that was too messy. Now if only I could locate both pieces at the same time!!

    Poor guys face look a little beat up right now. The scratch on his nose if from running face first into a dryer. Looks like he got the klutz gene from his mother. On top of that he also has a drool rash

  • Getting ready to go-go-go. For a kid who wants to go so badly you would think he would be willing to come put his shoes and coat on. Nope! I have to chase him down if I actually want to get them on.
  • Brushing his teeth. Somehow this went from one of his favorite activities to something he wants nothing to do with. I'm guessing canines coming in had something to do with it.
  • The vacuum. He is still not to sure about this! It certainly makes it hard to keep the floors clean.
  • Meat/beans/eggs: Apparently protein sources are a no-go for Colin. Thank God for peanut butter, mac and cheese and yogurt! Colin is still holding strong to his vegetarian status.
    The box is always more fun than the contents at this age! The bulk of the Christmas shopping is happening online this year so our dining room looks like a mail room.
New Things:
  • Teeth: Sometime last week his upper left canine broke through. He was cranky for maybe two hours. That was the easiest tooth to date.
  • Counting. About mid month Sean taught Colin to count to three. To be honest, he never says 1, but if you get him started he can say two, three, or more accurately: two, 'REEEE'. He used to put a finger up for one, but he stopped.
  • Letters. Just last week Colin has started saying letter names. I kept hearing what sounded like different pieces of the alphabet ('c d e', or 'q r s') so I started asking him to repeat the letters after me and he can say many of them but will substitute 'o' or 's' if the letter is hard to say. The fun part is trying to sing with him. He just randomly interjects a letter here or there (typically 's') while you sing the song. Pretty cute. We are working on signing the letters and he does see them written during the ABC signing time but he is not yet identifying them by sight.
  • Screaming. I had hoped to avoid this particular toddler trait, and I almost thought we had since his expressive language is so good, but just recently when he gets frustrated he starts to scream. Not an ear piercing scream, more of a grunting scream. For example, when we wait in lines at the store and we aren't moving fast enough he starts to scream intermittently. Nothing I can say to him will make him stop for very long.
  • Helping. This one is just too sweet. Colin has discovered his ability to help out Mom and Dad. His favorite tasks are feeding the cats their morning treats, throwing things into the household garbage and taking the garbage to the garbage shoot outside our door. He also enjoys pushing the cart or stroller and helping with the laundry.
  • Cleaning up: Along that same line Colin has started picking up his own toys and putting them away. I attribute this solely to his music class. Watching all the other kids help clean up the instruments or scarves and being praised for doing so has spilled over into doing the same thing at home.
  • Biting. We aren't sure what the purpose of this is at this point. He doesn't bite down hard, but he will occasionally find a piece of exposed flesh on either Sean or I and just take a little nibble. Not out of anger or anything like that, just as if he wants to see what it will feel like. We obviously are discouraging this.
  • Words and Signs. Colin basically repeats lots of sounds these days and we often hear him say things but aren't sure if he is saying them intentionally or if we are making sense out of nonsense syllables. His babbling is very cute because he has always nodded while he 'talks' as if he is conveying something very important. I have never caught it on video but it charms everyone who sees it.

See it isn't just a messy face!


JJ said...

Did someone trim his hair?

Anonymous said...

He is getting so big. I love the faux-hawk picture! With hair like that, your cats should watch out- there's a rebel on the loose.

Julie said...

hmmm...maybe i should get colin a box for christmas :)