Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Photos

Some pictures from our recent trip north.

Colin's current favorite dinner is pasta. Can you tell?

Never to young to help out in the yard.

All this raking is hard work Grandpa!

Now its time for fun! Tossing Colin into the leaf pile.

A happier child you could not find.

Annabelle came over to visit Colin says "Listen, we have to talk about this whole sleeping 10 hours thing, its just unnecessary"

"Sorry schweethawt, I'm spoken for"

Colin shares his pirates booty with his future wife Lily and future sister in law Evelyn. I don't know why arranged marriages aren't more common.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he is a very popular guy!

Kristeen said...

LOVE the picture of Colin and your dad... so cute. Print that one and frame it!

Nicole said...

The pictures are great!

Julie said...

i see you are putting those cowboy boots to good use!

i checked out the boots online, and they have ladybug ones!! i have to wait until next year for that though!