Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleep Training Update: Napping Edition

On Saturday we started sleep training naps. So instead of holding and rocking Colin until he falls asleep we read three books, followed by one book in the crib and then I give him kisses, lay him down and walk away. Once again it wasn't as difficult as we (I) expected. He cried for probably a total of five minutes on and off over the next ten. The hardest part was laying him down and reading him that last book when he started opening and closing his legs, pivoting them on his ankles. I have a very similar mannerism that I do (unintentionally) when I get nervous or feel like I'm going to cry. To see him to do a similar movement just made me feel horrible, but of course I know I'm doing the 'right thing' by teaching how to sleep.
Day two: About the same as day one. On and off crying but not longer than 5 minutes total.
Day three: About 5 minutes after I left he started to cry for two minutes, presumably out of frustration that he wasn't asleep and was hoping I would come help.

In summary: Sleep training nap time was no big deal.

Overnights are improving, Colin seems to be only getting up once (maybe twice) overnight these days. Although 'morning' seems to be coming earlier, which is no fun for anyone. Colin is just once again proving that he sleeps like a 'Berry' and since hes sleeping more overnight, doesn't need to sleep until 7am, preferring instead to get up in the 5 o'clock hour. Unfortunately, he falls asleep more like a 'Jones' in that he struggles with it instead of dropping off like a stone into water.

We are thinking about pushing up the overnight training to Wednesday night so that Colin gets a full week to get into the groove before we travel for Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will go just as well as the napping did.


JJ said...

He's getting "it" boy! It's just from now on..NO back peddling when you are traveling. It "all" has to be the same. Of course if he's sick that a totally another story. You will soon find that when you lay him down..he will be quiet and snuggle right into his bed to get comfortable and relax. With his "Jones" side as you well know relaxing is the key. Winding down...takes alittle longer. Good work parents and grandson! xoxoxo

JJ said...

ps~ remember your Father has NEVER been a easy or long sleeper.

Julie said...

the other day, i put annabelle down for a nap and she cried and cried and cried. i knew she was tired, so i let her CIO. i went in and rubbed her belly at different time increments, but then i GAVE IN and picked her up! the hardest part of CIO for me is the upset look on her little face when i go in to check up on her. anyway, it turned out she was still hungry. so, after a couple ounces, she was able to go to sleep.

thankfully, she will not remember that!