Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Christmas is Ruined"

This is an "old" saying in my house that dates back to the year my mom tried to change the garland on the Christmas tree (and is tongue in cheek in case that isn't clear.) I think I was in high school but I can't remember for sure, but I came home and saw the tree and was quite disturbed by this change. I joking yelled that Christmas was ruined and stomped off to my room to add dramatic flair.  Every year we find another reason to joke how Christmas was ruined that year, one year it was the present that was left after "the last gift" (which is always for KRISTY!) was opened, another year it was the wrong flavor juice in the Christmas morning punch. Anyway, this year "Christmas is ruined" because I can not make any Christmas cookies! Our oven is not going to be replaced in time. I was planning on making cookies at my Mother in Laws house but our plans to go out there today were foiled by the 8 inches of snow that fell here (up to 24 out there) last night.  Serious bummer! Christmas cookies are a tradition I have brought with me from "home" and this year it just doesn't look like it will happen. So Mom, for old times sake "Christmas is RUINED!" 


JJ said...

and she get's her dramatic flair from "her" Father!! Though it "has" been mentioned that I can make "cookies fly" along with cookie sheets! It was ONE time!! Can't a girl live down one minor temper tantrum in the kitchen! :)

Julie said...

becky dramatic? i can't picture that! :)

how long have you been without an oven? i bet you are the crockpot queen. you should post some of your best and worst crockpot experiments.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I can imagine the garland story and got a cute chuckle imagining you with the tantrum and your mom's reaction being so sweet and yet trying not to chuckle at your expense.

Maybe for xmas you can pre-buy an easy bake oven- =)

Sorry to make light of it. I am sure your family understands. I hope you get your oven soon, it seems like a while since you have had one. Elaine

Erin said...

Maybe instead of Christmas cookies, you could make the Gingerbread Pudding recipe from my crockpot cook book. :)

Carol said...

Ah Beck, That is a will bummer. I remember one year we (meaning Mother and children) had an accident while making candles and the sealing in the kitchen got a little black or gray with smoke from an incident on the stove going bad (we were trying to make candles) I was upset about the dirt and felt I could not get it washed before Christmas so Paul suggested I hang a white sheet over the blackened area. I wonder how many of his siblings remember this. It's OK Beck lover abounds. GG