Saturday, December 19, 2009

Colin is 17 months old

That was a fast and dynamic month. Colin is now 17 months old. We will visit the doctor soon to get Colin's second dose of flu next week. I will update height and weight at that point.

Sleeping: Colin sleeps through the night nearly every night. He may cry out for a few seconds once every couple nights but hasn't required intervention in at least two weeks. This time period includes a short trip to CT to visit Erin and the boys. New location, different crib, no music (I forgot it) and NO HICCUP in sleeping. The boy is amazing. His naps are going well too. His naps are usually just over an hour but can stretch up to 2 hrs (Erin will tell you he took a three hour nap at her house, but that is highly unusual and he was actually in the car seat (in her heated garage) which is his favorite place to sleep.) He is a totally different child when it comes to sleep. We are even able to transfer a sleeping baby into the crib from the car seat without any protest. He has even attached well to his 'puppies'! He found the second puppy and decided that one needed to join him and the little one in the crib too.

  • Airplanes and buses. When we are out and about (which happens less and less in this weather) he loves to point out the airplanes and buses he sees or hears. Often seeing or hearing them before I do making me search for what he is talking about.The boy has some pretty good ears and eyes.
  • Fire trucks and garbage trucks. Similar to the airplanes and buses but these are usually seen from our windows. Colin will get very excited and demand to be taken to the window to see the truck as soon as he hears it. He was in the tub one night when he heard a fire truck, we thought we could convince him to ignore it but that was not successful. That bath ended rather abruptly. The garbage trucks usually come by in the very early am and take about 5-10 minutes to 'eat' all the garbage from our building so Colin really enjoys watching them.
  • Swinging. This one started in the summer but I kept forgetting to mention it. The swings are Colin's favorite thing on the playground. Unfortunately we aren't able to go as often as we were last month. After a very mild and warm fall things have gotten cold rather quickly.
  • Balls. He is all boy here. He loves his balls. Sean pulled out two containers of tennis balls last week that I didn't even know we had and Colin had such a good time throwing them around and then putting them back into the container only to dump them out again. He played with that by himself for a good 20 minutes or more.
  • Monkeys. All of a sudden Colin loves monkeys, particularly his monkey pj's that Amy gave him for his birthday. EVERY night when I tell him it is "jammy time" he says "ooo ooo ahh ahh, bunkeys?" asking if he can put on his monkey pajamas! His laundry only gets done every other Monday so 12 nights in 14 he gets dissapointed.
  • The Christmas houses and tree. We put up our Christmas decorations this month. As soon as Colin goes out to the living room after waking up in the morning he requests that the tree and the houses be turned on. Literally within 2 minutes of entering the room, I don't even remember they are there that quickly at that hour.
  • Simba. This is the dog on our floor, not the Disney character. We can hear Simba (a Pomeranian) bark when he is getting ready to go for a walk, so Colin will start signing and saying "dog, dog, dog" so that we can go out and see the dog. Although when Colin actually gets out there he seems more afraid of the dog than anything. He does like to hold the leash but as little as Simba is, he can still pull Colin over.

  • Blanket. Colin really hates blankets. I've tried to put them on him in the stroller or car seat now that it is so cold and he won't have any of it. Luckily we have a 'foot muff' that came with the stroller and he will tolerate that because it doesn't have to actually touch him. At night he won't allow a blanket to cover him either and since he puts himself to sleep now we can't put one on him after he is asleep.
  • The vacuum. We have actually made great strides with this this month. He will allow me to vacuum but he isn't happy about it. We actually developed a ritual that was all his doing as he taught me what would make him comfortable while the vacuum was one. I will pull it out and we say hello to it. After about 2 or 3 minutes I plug it in and put it in the far side of the living room. Without turning it on, I walk Colin over to the love seat and he will stand planted against it while I return to the vacuum and vacuum the far side of the room. When I start getting too close to him he will let me know he wants to switch sides, so I turn off the vacuum and walk him to the storage ottoman under the window. Then he stands planted against that while I finish vacuuming the LR. After I move into the dining room he will usually pick a book out and read it by the ottoman but he rarely moves beyond the halfway point of the LR until I finish and turn off the machine. Then as I'm winding up the cord he excitedly says bye bye and we put it back in the closet.  I suppose this is actually preferable to him loving the vacuum cleaner so much I can't vacuum without his help.
  • Mashed Potatoes! In addition to his dislike for protein sources, Colin also dislikes mashed potatoes. I can't possibly understand why this is. He acts like you've put sand on his tongue when you give him a spoonful of potatoes.  Sean and I are both totally perplexed by this.

New things
  • Colin has officially entered the two word stage. He regularly says "Hi mama", "Bless You" and "I you" (for I love you). He will also add words after "no" and "more" to let us know what he wants or doesn't want. This has really blasted him out of baby status, going back and re-reading his 16 month post, he seems much older this month.
  • Shapes. Colin can identify octagons, ovals, circles, and stars. I recently made him some flash cards and a 'slot' ( a box with a hole cut to fit a flash card) and he really enjoys identifying the card and putting it in the slot. This came about when he tried to put the cards in the heater vent (luckily they are too big to fit, although apparently his forks DO fit!), so I decided to re-direct this activity. We also have cards with colors on them but he hasn't clued in on that yet. He can say what color I'm signing but he can't seem to figure out what 'colors' are (I'm hopeful this is just a developmental thing and not a physical issue, I think it is early yet so I'm trying not to be psycho about it.)
  • Eating with utensils.He has been trying to a while but he just started to really get the hang of it this month. He still isn't great at it but he is very interested in trying. Typically Colin gets a fork or spoon and Sean or I get one. He still allows us to feed him without complaint, although he does like to trade spoons sometimes. You almost get the impression he thinks ours works better than his, when in reality it is the operator.
  • He started pointing out Mama, Dada and Colin this month. He doesn't actually say his own name yet but when you ask who Colin is he smiles shyly and points to himself. He will sit in his high chair and point to Sean and say Dada and then me and say Mama, over and over again. It is kind of funny. 
  • Colin also readily identifies people in pictures without being asked. Particularly, Grandpa (sounds like papa), Aunt Katie (katie), his cousin Lukas (tis) and my cousin Ashley (ashey). These are some of the pictures on the side of the refrigerator next to his high chair, he is much less interested in the albums I've put together these days. If you want to be on the side of the fridge you have to send me a picture! =) I plan on updating these photos in the new year.


JJ said...

I found myself bursting out with hysterical laughter...he is just too funny!! xo ps "loven' the stripes thy :)

Julie said...

it is so interesting to see children learn and grow. it is amazing what he can do! i am very glad that he is getting much more sleep. however, i am wondering what you will be like now that are well rested....when you are sleep deprived, you are way more productive that i am on a normal day.

can colin say annabelle? it's a mouthful! he can just say belle. that's fine too:)

Julie said...

i meant to write "now that YOU are well rested" sorry if that didn't make sense!

Carol said...

Guess I'll never make it to the refrigerator as you know what I think of photo's and we surely do not want to use my Halloween picture the poor child would never be the same. GG