Friday, December 11, 2009

Indoor adventures.

Today it was exceptionally cold, with a 'real feel' temperature close to 10 degrees (very cold for this area). So there was no chance of us venturing out into the cold unnecessarily. Additionally there is a nasty virus being passed between the kids in the neighborhood so I haven't wanted to take Colin to any of our usual kid friendly haunts. If he doesn't come down with it this weekend we are probably in the clear.
Here are some pictures of my attempt to jump through hoops today to keep Colin entertained in between his asking to watch 'time' (baby signing time, or sometimes any TV program) and asking to go bye bye.

The Giraffe tent makes an appearance in our living room!

We had a picnic lunch inside the tent. Although he was a bit distracted and didn't exactly eat well. We also put all the living room pillows inside and spent close to an hour and a half just reading books (not shown). His nap was on the short side so I wasn't surprised that he was willing to relax for a bit.

Later in the afternoon, we set up a tether ball in his bedroom doorway.

As you can see this was a huge hit.

He had fun making it arc in the hallway.  Looks like we survived the day!


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

It was like a festival at the Berry house today, huh??? Looks like you kept him entertained...great job mom.

JJ said...

Waaaay to go Mom! Don't forget you have a "great tent" in your dining room. Just remove the chairs to your bedroom and let him play under the d/r table..w/wo sheet covering! Also with xmas coming..put some of his old toys into a box and hide for just those kind of days!

Daisy and Ryan said...

You're such a fun mommy!! Looks like Colin was having a blast! :)

Julie said...

you are such a fun mom! annabelle is currently playing on mat by herself. she wishes she had a fun mom too:)

Erin said...

Very good ideas for keeping him entertained. You just knew that tent would come in handy at some point!