Monday, December 14, 2009

Third time is a charm.

I finally gave in and took Colin to get his hair cut. I've been enjoying the curls as its gotten longer but unfortunately it isn't really curly enough to stay curly after it is dry so it ends up quite frazzly in the back, particularly after he has slept on it.   I made him an appointment for this morning at a salon in town that another mom recommended, but when I arrived I was told by (and I'm not judging here simply stating a fact) a transvestite that no one there at that time cut childrens hair. The receptionist had poor English skills so I wasn't too surprised that '18 month old' wasn't understood. I really should make more of an attempt to speak Spanish but the few times I've tried they assume I'm fluent and I'm not. So I left, and I wasn't that upset, I don't think we were their typical clientele. I drove down the street and saw a few more salons but wasn't really sure if I wanted to just walk into a place with a child who isn't good at haircuts without any recommendation or research. Then I saw Josephine's and I remembered reading a lot of recommendations for it on a local list serve. So we went in. Colin did really well. He started to get upset and cry when she put the apron on him because he didn't like it on his neck. However, she walked away and came back with a lollipop and he was sold! (I wish I had thought of this because I have organic HFCS free ones here at the house but I didn't so he ate a traditional lollipop and loved every minute of it.)  Once again there was a bit of a language barrier, she asked me if I wanted it medium or large and I had NO idea what that meant, so I said ' a trim'. I did manage to convey that I did NOT want her to use the buzzer on his neck, things were going well and I didn't want to ruin it. It is shorter than I would prefer but I'm not going to get picky, its cut WELL and I won't have to go back for awhile so I'm happy.  No more curls, but it wasn't really working curly anyway.  Here are some pictures.

Someone is starting to look more like his daddy!

I was really nervous that lollipop was going to get everywhere, but it was nothing compared to the cream cheese from the bagel he willingly traded it for.   In case you forgot, this is what he looked like on Friday. It was messy, but it was pretty cute!


JJ said...

What a big boy!! :) xoxo from Grandma jo

Kristeen said...

It frustrates me so much that I can't see Sean in him!! I have some sort of mental block where I can't see parents in a child. Erin's boys are sort of obvious, and I'm just starting to see Julie in Annabelle. I can see you in Colin, but no Sean. Gah!

Erin said...

The haircut looks great! Next time, you can always get it cut while you are here in CT. We found a GREAT new place that does a really good job and the stylists are fabulous.

I agree with Kristeen, I see YOU in Colin!

Becky said...

I think the difference with Colin looking like me or Sean is that he looks like I do NOW, but not necessarily like I did as a baby. However he does look a little like Sean did as a baby in certain pictures, I'll have to dig up some pictures to scan.

Daisy and Ryan said...

So glad you had a good experience!!! Aiden's done well with both cuts, but his haircut the second time was NOT something I would like repeated. Yes, he has a lot of hair..but cutting it straight across really short We'll be requesting the lady we had the first go 'round.

And Colin looks very cute both ways! Curly messy and short and neat. :) I'm sure the new look is a lot easier for mom to work with, though!