Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Rewind Part 1

Our Holiday Celebrations started this year on Dec 22nd when Sean's Aunt Eileen and Family came into town and stopped to see us.  This was Colin's first real exposure to older children (two boys age 11) and he really enjoyed them (lots of ashes ashes). He kept wanted to kiss and hug one of the boys (Matthew) which was cute and funny since it made Matthew a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I was busy playing hostess so I didn't get any pictures.  The next day Colin and I followed them out to Sean's Moms so we would get to spend more time visiting. Here is one of two pictures I took all day. Colin is playing with a train with Matthew.

The follow day (Christmas Eve) we drove back to Long Island (I had to drive back home to finish wrapping and preparing) to Sean's Dads. Colin and I spent the day hanging out with the family and met Sean at a Christmas Eve gathering (this year at Aunt Kathy's house.) Colin got all dressed up for the occasion but didn't hold still long enough for a proper photo. Here are my attempts:

He looked pretty cute but there was just too much going on... I was able to convince Colin to take two naps that day (another reason we had to drive out that morning) so he stayed up with us at the party until around 9:30.
On Christmas morning we skipped 6am present fest in favor of sleeping as late as Colin would let us and going to church at 9am.  Most of us changed back into pj's for presents but Colin did not. Here he is Christmas morning tearing into some gifts.

 He got the music table from Grammy, Poppy, Aunt Lauren and Aunt Katie and the scarves from Santa.  Who knew Santa was paying attention in music class when Colin enjoyed playing with the rhythm scarves.

Finally, Grammy was kind enough to babysit Colin after he went to bed that night so Sean and I could go out with friends.  Much to our dismay Christmas night is not a big night to go out, many of the local bars were closed so we ended up at a hotel bar (where Jayson was staying.)   Here is a picture of me with my favorite guys!  I got pretty lucky. I hear many wives complain about their husbands friends but I got the cream of the crop. Sean's best friends are some of my favorite people.

This picture will be framed.
(Jayson and Joel continue to be impressed that Sean was able to find a girl paler than himself to marry)

more holiday merriment to come...


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

That is such a great picture. Just that part of your holiday seems busy enough, I can't imagine how much more you actually did!!!

I am not looking forward to next Xmas and traveling as much as I would typically. With the idea of a baby on the way I want to spend Xmas at home. How do you and Sean feel about toting all things all over the place? Do you do every other year to visit your family?

Aunt Eileen said...

We had a great time visiting with you and Colin, and we are so glad we got to see you twice! It was great to get to know Colin in person a little better. He is a very amazing boy!!!

Erin said...

That is a great picture of you guys, looks like you had a nice start to Christmas, even without the cookies!

Julie said...

what is colin doing with his hands in that pic? it's like he is saying "i am going to get you!"

btw, everyone who comes to my house and sees colin's xmas card always comments about how cute he is! little patootie!