Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Rewind Part 2

'Those who know' will probably realize I'm going to go out of order chronologically but I'm going to group the next two Christmas Rewind posts into 'Family' and "Friends' this one being the former.
Picking up where we left off. Sean Colin and I came home late in the evening of the 26th and we did Christmas at our house on the morning of the 27th.

Colin opens one of his gifts from Mommy and Daddy

Its a car! Zoom zoom.

Colin burying himself in presents(new monkey outfit and monkey crib sheet) and wrapping 'paper' (I used cloth again this year)

Reading Colin his new book "I love you"

Then the very next day Colin and I flew to Syracuse

Colin is checking out the airplane, for a few moments I thought we got lucky with an empty row... the last person on the plane was seated at the window. There was a spare middle seat, but Colin feel asleep on my lap a soon as the plane started moving and didn't wake up until after we had landed. I love how well he travels (and no he did not complain about ear pain.)

Sean joined us Tuesday evening after he got out of work. We did things this way so Colin would have an extra night to get used to Grandma's house before his first overnight without Mommy and Daddy.

Playing with trains with Grandpa.

Colin colors with Aunt Sisty.

Having a snack, using a spoon like cousin Lukas. At home Colin will take a few bites by himself but then gets bored. Here he ate the whole cup by himself (or nearly so.)
On New Years Day, Sean and I came home early and we celebrated Christmas with the Jones'.

Lukas says "Thanks for the presents Colin"

Colin tests out his new easel from Grandma and Grandpa.

Later that night the really silliness started with Kristy's desire to put on her wedding dress. Since all of our dresses are stored there we went ahead and put them all on.  Mine was supposed to be professionally sealed, but if a bunch of tissue paper in a garbage bag with a twist tie (inside a coffin shaped box) counts as a professional seal I won't be paying for that again!!  The dress still zipped but it was certainly tighter than it was that day.

Finally I will leave you with what I hope becomes a Berry family tradition.  I read somewhere about a family that took a picture every New Years Day. Something about that struck a cord with me so we did it.
Here we are New Years Day 2010!


Erin said...

HA! I love the wedding dress picture!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

maybe your new holiday tradition will be to put on your wedding dresses. I put mine on every year, I figure why not it isn't bad luck if he sees me in it now.

It also is a great tradition to take a picture on New Years.

It seems like your family was so busy but still thoroughly enjoyed the holidays which is great.

Julie said...

i sometimes wonder why i paid the $100 to "seal" my dress as well. i haven't ever opened it, but i am sure that it is just taped in a box. plus, who knows if the dress is even clean? it got sooo dirty the only time i wore it!

plus, you are all very lucky to fit into your wedding gowns. i don't think i will ever fit into mine again!

Nicole said...

I know I can't fit into mine! And, Becky, I have that same green sweater! I guess we still have the same taste!