Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Rewind Part 3 (plus bonus flasbacks)

While in Syracuse, we were able to visit with some great friends. Here are the pictures from those visits.
First up: High School Friends. Some of my closest girlfriends came over to visit and get the kids all together for the first time.  Sam & Ben and Colin are 4 months apart, Colin and Annabelle (our only 2gen girl so far) are 1 yr apart and Carter is 3months behind her.

Back Row left to right: Nicole, Julie with Annabelle, Kristeen with Carter, Me with Colin,
Front: Erin with Ben and Sam

The kids exchanged some gifts, here Annabananabelle enjoys a taste of "Peek-a-Who?" while the big boys look on.

Carter slept through much of the party. What a baby!

Colin and Ben attempt to mend fences over some Pirates Booty. When asked if Ben wanted to see Colin he said "No, no, Colin push!" He was a little wary but there were no further incidents!

Colin the Enforcer and Long-Suffering Sam

Ben helps feed Annabelle.  Such a sweet moment.

 Carter opens those baby blues.

Read to me Mama!

The next day we celebrated Christmas with some of our favorite Buffalonians.  Amy was accommodating enough to drive out to my sisters house  (about a 2.25 hr drive one way) so we could spend the day together. As an added bonus Kristeen, Brain and Carter joined us later that evening. (Backstory: Kristeen, Brian, Amy Sean and I all went to college together at Canisius College in Buffalo.) Here are the pictures from that day:

Thomas chatting with Sean while Otis the dog solicits attention.

Thomas and I

Lukas, Samantha and Colin. If you were at my baby shower in Syr You may remember the friendship between Sammie and Lukas at my baby shower.

Flashback #1 Here they are 18 months ago...Aww! These two peas in a pod picked up right where they left off and enjoyed each others company once again.

Opening some gifts with Uncle Seany

 Colin gets some cool trains!!

Sammie shares some secrets with Colin.

We got Samantha a trunk full of princess dress-up clothes. She dug right in! She almost makes me want a little girl.

When Carter arrived, all Lukas wanted to do was 'hold the baby' and Sammie was equally intrigued.

Here are the boys right before we went 'home' to Grandma and Grandpa's.

Flashback #2: This picture:

reminds me of this one taken 18 months earlier:

I'm not sure why toddlers are so interested in baby hair but it seems to be a trend.


Julie said...

awww, these pictures make me smile:)

can you email me the group pic? and the one with ben feeding annabelle?

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

First off, you sure know how to milk the holiday huh?!?!!? Colin must still think that everyday is a day to open gifts (ha ha ha). I am surprised you are still not spinning from all that traveling.

It seems that the kids enjoyed each other which is comforting to know they will be good friends in years.