Thursday, January 28, 2010

Colin in the Snow.

Snow is a somewhat rare occurrence in NYC, we have a big storm every couple of years, but for the most part I would say we get less than 10 days of snowfall a year and generally there isn't much accumulation. When I looked out the window this morning while getting Colin's breakfast together and saw snow falling my reaction us "ugh!" but when Colin saw it from the window he said "ooo" and then started signing snow (to be fair, the signs for snow and rain are similar and his are indistinguishable so he could have been signing rain but still...) So I asked him if he wanted to go see the snow and he (of course) said yes. Colin's first snow experience this year was right after a the big storm we had just before Christmas. With all the Christmas posts I was putting up the snow adventure post got sidelined. Colin was not a big fan of snow that day. Here are some pictures from that morning.

In full snow gear. He is thinking this could be fun

 Making an attempt to walk on his own...

...and just like that the fun ended. Face plant in the snow was pretty much a deal breaker.

"Get me outa here!"

Back to today... after he finished eating we got dressed and bundled up and I took him outside. Here are the pictures from this morning:

Not too sure what to think of this yet...

"Where is it coming from?"

Footprints in the snow.

He wasn't a fan of snow on his boots. He also wasn't a fan of his gloves where there was so much to explore. Since it wasn't too cold, and we weren't staying out long, I didn't push it.

Testing it out

Fun Stuff!

"Wait a minute this is cold!!"

Colin discovers snow balls! I lined them up on the bench and he just tossed and tossed.

I think he has decided to like snow now! 


AbbeM said...

Colin looks adorable in the snow! Natalie really likes it. She keeps talking about playing in the snow, and how she had snow on her boots whenever she sees them! I almost hope we get one more snowfall so she can go out in it again.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

This seems like a HUGE step. This summer he was very anti-sand so to touch snow bare-hand seems like a GREAT step.

Did you play in the snow as well?

JJ said...

aaaah Bec...this IS just THE best!! I want to be there!! xoxo :) Mom

Julie said...

it looks like colin is very curious about this snow stuff. make sure you teach him to stay away from the yellow snow.