Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colin is 18 months old!

Unfortunately in the days surrounding the 18 month anniversary of Colin's birth, he was a very sick little boy. He had a bad cold and an ear infection and was in no state to be photographed.This post is very late. He is feeling better now but still has a runny nose and slight cough, particularly if he gets running around.  We have no height and weight information this month, they havn't been checking it at the drs office lately. When I went to get his second flu shot the doctor was out of flu vaccines so we went ahead and gave him MMR. Thankfully that is behind us and he had absolutely no immediate reaction to it. No fever or anything, and this was a good two weeks before he got sick.
Sleeping: Nothing really to report. Being sick fortunately didn't affect his sleeping much. Naps were interrupted from coughing but he only gave us real trouble one night after he was mostly better. He whined and cried on and off for about ten minutes (we went in and checked on him and gave him Motrin but tried to wait him out and thankfully he didn't push too hard so we didn't have to pick him up. He is back on a regular schedule and had even been taking longer naps (2hrs) than usual.

  • Blankets. All of a sudden Colin is a fan of blankets. He went from totally hating them to loving them in about a week. My mom gave him a soft pink blanket to cover him during our drive back home and he must have realized their utility in keeping warm. At first he only liked that blanket but now he will use any blanket
  • His puppies. Colin continues to snuggle his puppies at bedtime and they have been really useful when traveling to make him more comfortable in new surroundings.
  • Monkeys: For Christmas, Colin got two monkey stuffed animals, a couple of pairs of monkey pj's, two sets of Monkey sheets and two monkey outfits,*updated to add* and monkey gloves. His love affair with monkeys is stronger than ever. If you ask him what he wants to wear he ALWAYS says "oo ooo ahh ahh bun-key" of course I can't always deliver a monkey outfit but I try to accommodate him when I can.
  • His new Christmas gifts: Colin got a bunch of new toys for Christmas and he loves all of them! Coloring books and easel, music table, a few trucks, rhythm scarves, mega blocks, they are all scattered around the living room during the day.
  • Favorite foods: Blueberries, corn, oatmeal, mac&cheese, crackers, cheese, mango, dried cranberries and rasins
  • Repeating things: be it words, activities, videos, or what not, Colin is now in the toddler repetition stage. 
  • His hat: Well I guess it is Lukas hat, but Colin loves to wear it and will often refuse to take it off in stores. I worry he will get too hot but figure he will eventually let me know if he is uncomfortable.
  • Starfish: Colin got a sticker book for Christmas and instantly wanted to move all the starfish stickers to one page. He gets very excited when they come on his zoo train video.

  • Having his nose wiped. What kid enjoys this?! Thankfully this is his first real head cold & ear infection so we have been pretty lucky.
  • The high chair: Colin continues to have a love hate relationship with the high chair.  He would prefer to sit in a regular chair but it isn't developmentally ready for that, even a booster seat in our kitchen chairs wouldn't be safe because they have a very open back.
  • The vacuum: It is now possible to vacuum with him around but he still isn't a fan.
  • Meat potatoes and eggs: He ate some oven bbq chicken the other night so we will try that again, and I got him to eat some potato soup with his favorite crackers in it so we are trying to "build bridges" to these problem foods but it is slow going.

New things:
  • Potty awareness: We aren't really potty "training" in the fullest sense yet but Colin got a potty for Christmas and we have started having him sit on it. I try to have him sit every time I change his diaper but he doesn't always want to and it isn't always convenient but in the last few days he has been sitting for longer and longer periods of time.  An unexpected outcome of this is that we have run out of clean socks faster than normal. Since he hasn't peed on the potty yet, he will sometimes get nervous and stand up and walk away only to pee on this socks 30 seconds after getting up.  No one said this would be easy and I'm trying not to push it too much.  So far his only reward for sitting on the potty is being allowed to wash his hands. I'm not ready to start giving him candy on any regular basis yet so I won't be doing this type of reward for a while. We also allow him to rub lotion on his bare legs to keep him busy while he sits, and of course we have been reading him books as well.
  • Three word sentences: More and more now Colin will put three words together and actually speak in sentences. Saying things like "I got Kix" or "no more mangoes" and occasionally "more music please" 
  • Colin now says his own name! Sounds like "Tah-yin". He really likes to identify people in pictures and has started to recognize himself as a young baby, maybe photos of himself just under a year. 
  • Throwing things: Colin could throw things before but now he will throw just about anything if we let him. We try to limit throwing to his small balls but it is difficult for him to understand these categories still. He also likes to roll things between his legs as he is in "downward facing dog" position and watch them roll away from himself. 
  • Sean also taught him to sing "All night and day" in response to us singing "Who do you love?" This is a song Sean and I have sung back and forth but I'm not really sure if it is a real song. I always thought it was but now I can't seem to find any evidence of it. I'm pretty sure I didn't make it up, but the "all night and day" part might be a misinterpretation or a combination of songs. 


Kristy said...

He also got monkey gloves!

Why do they have to get so big so fast???

Becky said...

I think it is so we will want to make new little ones.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

How has Colin handled being inside due to the winter? It seemed from previous posts that he really enjoys the outside, walking around, the swing, etc.

Erin said...

He looks like he is feeling better in these pictures! I'm glad that MMR is over and done with and you won't have to stress about that particular thing anymore. Relief!

The boys got Mega Blocks, too, and LOVE them. They ask about 300 times/day to "build towers."