Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lastly: The wedding!

I mentioned that Sean and I attended the wedding of another good friend of ours from our College years, Erica to her high school sweetheart reunited Chaz. The wedding was in Fulton and the reception was at the Arrowhead lodge near Syracuse. Being a New Years Eve wedding it was likely going to be a late night so we booked a room in Syracuse. This way we wouldn't have to brave the roads back to my parents house on NYE (I'm not sure which is worse the potential for weather hazards or drunk drivers!)  We were in good company, since most of our friends also left their kiddos behind in various cities to attend the wedding. We had a great time although I am fully willing to admit that I did not sleep much at all. I told my mom to text me if Colin woke up overnight (I like to have information.) But being NYE's I actually got a few well wishing text messages throughout the night that caused me to wake up with quite the adrenaline rush (assuming it would be about Colin) and of course then couldn't fall back to sleep quickly. (According to my personal text-iquette these messages are totally acceptable I just obviously couldn't turn my phone off or down to ignore them.) We hit the ground running at 7am and were back with our perfectly content Colin by 7:30. The moral of the story: I worry too much!!

Here are a few of the pictures I took. None of which are of us! Hopefully someone else took one and will pass it along...

My favorite shot of the newlyweds

 Elaine and Brandon (the only couple not to leave their progeny behind since s/he is in utero)

Cori and Rick, they left two kiddos 2ish and 5 months I think.

 Sarah and Miguel, they had to leave baby Syler (4months old) for two whole days!! I hear everyone did very well.

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Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

All the moms and dads did great at having fun despite missing their lil' ones at home. Mine fully cooperated and allowed me to eat all the red meat and cake I wanted as well as dance well into the night. It was such a great time to see everyone. It brought me back to our college days.