Monday, January 18, 2010

Seeing my money used in Haiti.

Sean was a little surprised when I said I was sending money to Joy in Hope, when he felt other organizations might be better equipped to help.  I however, being more familiar with the spirit of the organization knew this was where my money was needed.

Seeing these pictures and knowing I have helped a small way to feed people who needed it was all the confirmation I needed. The Mangines and the Pyes are doing an amazing job, one they didn't ever imagine they would have to do. Gwenn even contributed to a CNN article that allowed a people back in the states to see pictures of their loved ones and know they were alive.  

If you haven't yet sent money to Haiti and want to, Joy in Hope is a good choice. Here is the link, choose "Immediate Needs".  None of the major aid organizations have made it to Jacmel yet, all the aid that is coming to these people is being organized through Joy in Hope.


JJ said...

I did just that! And Dad and I have sent money also with your Aunt Paji's work company. They are matching donations dollar for dollar. So I feel better some will get there now and later. :) Mom

Erin said...

It is pretty amazing to see the money that we've donated doing so much direct good for people in suffering.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Love seeing you post about Joy in Hope! :) After every status update that Gwenn, Nick, or JIH posts on fb or every blog posts that Gwenn puts up, I want to blog about it again and again! There are so many amazing things happening there right now! So much tragedy, but among that JIH is doing so much. It's incredible.

And though you probably don't want another person saying...why don't you join fb..? ;)'s one more! Haha! Gwenn updates her status like crazy telling what is happening, as does JIH on their fan page. It's wonderful seeing new updates every time I open fb. Just a thought... ;) Sometimes it's something prompting more prayer and sharing the need, and other times it's something wonderful that calls for praise!