Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip to CT

This trip actually occurred in the middle of December but I'm just uploading the pictures now so I figured I would start with this post.

Colin and I went up to CT to have a sleepover party with Erin Ben and Sam.  Erin's husband was away on business so Colin and I decided to "help" Erin out.  The boys are getting older every trip and are much more able to interact each time we visit. This time however we were all a bit surprised by their interactions.  I drove up on a tuesday during Colin's nap and we left on Wednesday at bedtime so we had a lot more time than our usual up and back in one day.  The first day went really well, the boys and I even played Colin's favorite game "ashes ashes" (or ring around the rosy to most people.)  However on the morning of day 2, Erin went to take a shower while the boys and I played in the kitchen and playroom. Since everyone was playing nicely I did some of the breakfast dishes. Out of the corner of my eye I see Colin giving Ben a hug and think "oh that's sweet", moments later they are both on the floor crying.. I scoop them both up (to the tune of 45+lbs of wiggly children) to asses the damage, and Colin has a bloody lip but Ben seems blood free. Both boys start pushing at each other and are howling loud enough for Erin to come dripping out of the shower.  She relieves me of Ben and we get things calmed down but for the rest of the day Ben is terrified of Colin. Later that afternoon, Sam is playing with the much coveted toy broom and Colin apparently wanted it. I didn't see it but Erin assures me this was no hug! He apparently put his arm around Sam's neck (as if he was putting an arm over his shoulder) and bent at the waist in a pro wrestling type move and takes Sam down and grabs the broom. Thankfully Sam is unfazed by this since Ben pulls similar (although likely less professional wrestler looking) moves with frequency.  Erin is thankfully very good natured about this and says Ben deserves a taste of his own medicine. I'm not sure all parents would be so forgiving.

I've watched Colin closely as he has interacted with other children over the last two weeks and so far I haven't seen anything similar so I will hope it was a one (or I guess two) time deal.

Here are some pictures of our visit.  Including Sam and Ben opening their Christmas gift from Colin.

This is what feeding triplets would look like:

Time for presents:

"Come on Mama get it OUT"

Ben's self portrait:

There were actually more amusing self portraits that occurred post bath - pre pj's,  but after Erin and I had a good laugh I took them off my camera to avoid any misunderstanding they might create.

Silly Ben:

Colin was not responsible for the scratch

Sweet Sammy:

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Erin said...

We had such a fun time during your visit. Anyone who would get too worked up about a toddler scuffle doesn't have enough other drama in her life. Part of being a kid is learning interactions with other people, independence, etc. Would I feel differently if our boys were 10 years old? Probably. But maybe not. Ben might deserve a taste of his own medicine then, too. :)