Monday, February 1, 2010

The Berry's Massachusetts Tour

This past weekend we took a little trip up to Massachusettes and spent some time with friends. We drove up on Saturday during Colin's nap, which unfortunately was uncharacteristically short for a car nap, but he still did really well on the 3.5 hour drive.We stopped for lunch and let him run around a bit and he did just fine. 

We spent Saturday with some of Sean's friends from high school, Crystal, Jayson, Joel, Lauren and her husband Justin. Crystal has a three month old Boston Terrier puppy so Colin had a very good time playing with him. This was also the first trip where Colin finally warmed up to Jayson! Certain people tend to make Colin more nervous than others and Jayson was one of them, but not anymore! Here are some pictures from Saturday and Sunday morning before we left. Colin even slept well, one little wake up when we were being a little too loud but right back to sleep without complaint.

Jayson, Lauren, Justin.
 Sean, Joel
 Colin plays the Wii with Sean and Jay. "Strike!"
 Colin wasn't too sure about the puppy. He really enjoyed throwing Dexter's toys and having him fetch them but those teeny puppy teeth were a bit intimidating.

 Dexter, in full flash. 

We also have some college friends in Massachusetts as well. On Sunday we traveled to Sarah's house to meet her baby Syler, and Elaine met us there. This time Colin napped all the way there and literally woke up  as we pulled up to the house.  Colin had a lot of fun playing with Syler's toys and he even borrowed his high chair. Colin made another doggie friend. Max was very interested in Colin's scraps, except the fruit of course!

"Hey kid throw me a bone"
 Colin gives daddy the eyes. "Please can I have a cookie?"

 Syler- such a happy and easy going baby!! I thought I had an easy baby, THIS is an easy baby.

Sarah, Syler and Elaine. 

A good time was had by all! I think we scared Crystal with the amount of stuff we brought with us for a simple overnight. It isn't always the amount of time spent, but where we are going that determines how much we bring. Here is a sample of our packing list this for this trip.

Pack & play, portable high chair, baby gate, eating equipment (plates, forks, spoons, sippy cups), food- cold bag (milk, yogurt, sandwich, cheese), food-room temperature items (crackers, Annie's mac&cheese, jammy sammies, dried fruit, fruit cup, banana, clemintine, etc) cd player and bedtime cd, white noise machine, baby monitor, bag of toys, books, clothes for Colin, clothes for S&B, diapers, wipes, toiletries for S, B&C. 

I'm sure I'm not remembering something that we brought, but that should give you a general idea. Our car was pretty full, but nothing compared to our week in the Poconos last summer. 


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

It was SO nice to see all of you again. Having you come did give me a reality check that we indeed need to keep our current vehicle and downsizing would be difficult since most of our trips will be long wknd trips out of state. It seems though that you and Sean have this down to a science and probably do not need to actively think about what to bring all the time since you travel a lot.

What do you do if you fly somewhere?

Julie said...

who could resist those eyes?!! i bet that works everytime!

colin looks a lot older/taller than he actually is in comparison to that little puppy!

AbbeM said...

We do the same thing with the Wii remote: Natalie gets to "play" with the attachment part. She enjoys! But when we're playing Mario Kart, she really wants the wheel I drive with, which can make for a little fussy.

Crystal said...

Great pics! We had so much fun with you guys. I was not scared by the amount of stuff at all, heehee. Hope to see all of you again soon :)