Friday, February 19, 2010

The City Treehouse

Colin's big adventure on Wednesday was a trip to the City Treehouse in Chelsea (about an hour away by subway) with his buddies Kip and Leo and their moms. We all met on the subway and the boys did very well sitting in their strollers while their mom's chatted away. We actually took the train a little further than we had to so we could get to a station with an elevator and then backtracked to the tree house.  The general set up is three rooms, one with a large tree shaped slide and fort as well as a large water table. Another room was set up with mats, balls and hula hoops which I assume is used for baby gym classes. The last room is an infant room with a well padded floor and lots of toys.  The boys spent most of their time in the first room, playing with the water table and going down the slide. The boys really had a great time, but to be honest the moms aren't sure we would make the trip again. We weren't too thrilled to learn the treehouse shares space with a doctors office and thus is probably even germ-ier than a typical kids play space, since sick kids come on purpose. The place costs $20 an hour (first timers get 50% off that thankfully). The shoe rules are a little unclear, kids and MOM's have to have to have 'water shoes' or what they actually mean is 'shoes that are not generally worn outside, but are somewhat water resistant' if you call they might tell you to wear slippers but this clearly makes no sense when you get there. Thanks to Lukas, Colin and I were able to outfit all three boys with acceptable shoes with two pairs as spares. Unfortunately I was the only one to get the email that Mom's need a change of shoes too. Barefoot is okay, but isn't comfortable because the floor is moist and warm. The place also smells a little like mildew laced with chlorine. But like I said, the boys had a fantastic time. At first, I wondered if an hour would be enough time to play, but after about 30 mins we all started checking the clock thinking is it time to go yet? Somehow this place can really wear you out quickly.

Here are the pictures of all three boys playing:

 Colin loved the balls in the water table. All the boys did!

All three stooges. Colin, Leo and Kip in that order.

 Kip playing in the waterfall.

Colin enjoys a turtle (a plastic one if that isn't completely obvious)

 More Slides! This one was a bit trickier to supervise because you can't be at the top and bottom at the same time.

This pictures is moments before Colin tried to launch himself off the slide to go around Kip. The concept of taking turns is totally lost on Colin. Something to work on.

 Going to up stairs to the slide. From the bottom of the stairs you can't see the slide, and from the bottom of the slide you can't see the top of the stairs. This leads to a very scary few seconds while mom runs from the bottom of the stairs to the bottom of the slide, hoping that your child only moves forward and not back down the stairs. (Colin can not go down stairs unsupervised but he also can't be left to go down a slide without supervision.) Poor design in my opinion.

'ye-oh ye-oh ye-oh' aka Leo

 That is some serious excitement!

Colin had some fun in the other room too. Mostly he enjoyed the giant mirror and watching himself play.

 Yelling at his reflection. Testing exactly how this mirror thing works.
Such a sweetie pie. 

The moral of the story: all these play spaces look bigger and better 'on tv' (or online as the case may be)


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

So happy to see that some friendships are forming.

I agree with your statement but it is true of most things online/on tv. I think though that if there is a review place online you may want to add your review, not to deter parents from going but to give them a more accurate account of the place. I think going for the first time is always an "ah ha" moment but once you are there with a child you can't just decide to turn around and go home as you can do with adults.

Erin said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Would you go back? $20/hour seems a little steep! Is that per kid or per family?

Becky said...

Between the distance, the cost and the unfriendly staff, no I don't think any of us will return to this particular play space. Luckily here in NYC we have a lot of options.

JJ said...

The pictures of him looking at himself are just the most precious...sooo darling! And "you" certainly can't say he doesn't participate! My goodness it looks like he hits the door running! xoxo