Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colin is 19 months old.

Today Colin and I went on an adventure with friends. His 19 month old pictures are from that adventure but I will do a separate post about that to explain where we were and what he was doing.

Colin hasn't been weighed or measured for quite some time so I have no idea what those numbers are, but I can tell you Colin is in between size 18 month clothes and size 24 months. In anything one piece, he is a solid 24 month but 24 month pants are still way to long. If we were unsure before, this makes it fairly certain he got the 'Jones' torso

  • Leo and Dawn: We met Leo and Dawn through our neighborhoods 'summer of '08 babies' web group and then got to know them further during a music class we both took.  Dawn is another 'work from home' Mom, so we have been trading time in the last few months, each taking both boys for a few hours to free up the other to run errands or do laundry or what not. Colin has taken to Dawn like he has taken to no one else. She comes over with Leo and he immediately sits in her lap and has her read him books(over and over again). He readily gives her hugs and snuggles, much to Leo's dismay. Colin and Leo also play very well together. They share toys and food without any real complaints and Colin gets VERY excited if he is told he will see Leo. We actually refer to Leo as "ye-oh, ye-oh, ye-oh" now because Colin always says his name three times.
  • Crayons: Colin has totally figured out crayons now and really enjoys the opportunity to leave his mark on something. So far he hasn't mastered the idea that they should only be used on paper but we are working on it. Mainly they have to remain locked up unless he is being closely supervised.
  • Katie Video: Colin asks to watch the video at least 10 times a day. He now sings along, particularly in the "on and on and on" section and the "peee-ple" parts.
  • Digital Picture Frame:  Sean's Aunt Peggy gave us a digital picture frame for Christmas and we have loaded it with some pictures. Colin loves to watch it cycle through the pictures and tell us who the picture is of.
  • Music: We are currently listening to a Disney channel on Pandora radio. Colin loves when I sing and dance with him to the upbeat, fast songs like "Under the Sea" and "Friend Like Me." His laughter is all the encouragement I need.
  • Finding the mouse.  Dawn actually started this with him, Sean and I knew about this feature of the book (thanks to Sean's Aunt Eileen) but figured Colin was too young to care yet. NOPE. In the book "Goodnight Moon" in everyone of the colored pictures is a little mouse, but its position is different in every picture. Colin absolutely LOVES to find the mouse, and will ask for "more more mouse" every time you finish. So often that we eventually just stop reading the text and just turn to the pages so he can look for the mouse. Sean also discovered that another of our books "I love you all the time" has a heart on every page so now we also find the heart. If anyone knows other books like this please pass them on. We tried some baby I spy books but Colin isn't really a fan yet.
  • Sticker books. My sister got Colin a Planet Earth Ultimate Sticker Book for Christmas, and then I purchased a second one (Lego Duplo Ultimate Sticker Collection) not long after. Colin's favorite part about sticker books is the ability to repeat a shape or animal and continue to find them throughout the sticker pages. He will get on a roll and ask for "more more gorilla" or "more more stars" It has actually been a great tool to help teach him his shapes (he knows square, rectangle, triangle, octagon, star, oval, circle, heart and diamond) and animals (I can't list all the animals he knows but he does know that gorillas are not monkeys!).
action photo

  • Waking up from a nap: no matter how long he sleeps (mostly about 90 mins but he slept 3 hours yesterday) he always wakes up crying. I always go in and get him really upbeat and excited, but he hasn't managed to wake up happy yet...
  • Not leaving the house. The winter has been hard on all of us, but Colin really does not like to hang out in the house all day long. He regularly begs to "go go go" and will get upset if I tell him we can't go. I try to give him good news, and at least say we will go out later but even going for a walk is tricky when the snow is everywhere on the sidewalks and intersections. Thank God for trips to Leos and Leo coming to see him! Some weeks that is all we get to do.

New things
  • Sentences: While he isn't always speaking in sentences he does use them occasionally throughout the day. I continue to be amazed by how well he communicates and how quickly his language skills have/are developing. Although to be honest, with his toddler logic and my literal thinking we have some trouble sometimes. The problem is that I am not the best communicator!
  • Teeth: 2yr molars are on the move. We did get almost two months with no teething and Colin was quite the joy to be around during that time. So far nothing seems to have broken through the gums but he regularly has one or both hands in his mouth along with a few of the teethers I've pulled back out of retirement.
  • Projects: Colin had just reached the age where he can follow simple instructions (like 'don't touch' or 'squeeze this on the paper") so we have done a few simple projects during the worst of our snow imprisonment. 
  • Letters. Colin got Meet the Letters from Sean's brother for Christmas and has watched it a maybe twice a week since them. He now has very good letter recognition for about 10-15 letters. "i" is currently his favorite and he will point it out in books and on signs all the time. "L", "M" "P and "O" are other favorites. The people at Preschool Prep seem to know what they are doing, I think the show is really boring but it is his current favorite DVD. 
  •  Repeat repeat repeat: Yep hello toddler, Colin loves to repeat things over and over again.
  • Potty sitting: Colin was doing really well sitting on his potty for a while. So far nothing is coming of it, but he was content to sit a few times a day. Lately this is a little more touch and go, and he gets very nervous when he realizes he has to go to the bathroom. Instead of staying where he is he will stand up and turn his back to me subsequently peeing on the floor. We are working on it. I have once caught him mid stream and gotten the removable portion of the potty into position to catch the pee. We got very excited but it hasn't translated into anything of value.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

It is amazing how the likes/dislikes/new things change so much even from month to month. It really lets you know how "mature" little ones get to fast. A few months ago so many of these things did not seem on the radar although the pre-requisite skills were building I am sure.

Can't wait to hear about this big love to keep up in suspense and I love you for that!!!

Jen C. said...

I know of a lot of books that have "hidden" pictures... of course, at the moment, all of the titles escape me. Let me look around at school next week (with the help of my students) and I'll get back to you. :)

Julie said...

i didn't know that colin had magical powers! he is really concentrating on levitating those red balls:)

Carol said...

I am so thankful for your blog, it keeps me up to date and I so love to hear all the news. Love GG

Daisy and Ryan said...

I did not know that about the mouse in the book...even though we read it all the time. I'm observant!!! Ha.

I think it's funny that Colin likes stickers. Aiden HATES, HATES things that stick to him.

That's wonderful that Colin is speaking so well! We have another friend that is even a few weeks younger than Aiden and it's amazing to see how well she speaks. Aiden finally bumped up the words this past month, which we've been expecting based on how he's been "talking" lately. It's funny to see how different some kids can be at the same age. Not that we've been worried about him (know plenty of others who speak even less), but it's just interesting seeing similarities and differences. :)

We're about to start on potty awareness. Aiden says "potty" and "pee pee" and does both signs when he sees me on the potty...and he's aware of when he does things in his diaper. Not that we're expecting anything big...just going to start on awareness and getting a potty. What kind did you all get? We're still trying to decide - probably will go with one that sits on the seat just for space issues. That's what I used with Camden, too...worked fine then. There are so many options out there, though!!

Ok...this probably should have been an email, as long as it is. Haha! ;)

Sneks said...

I LOVE that he knows that gorillas are NOT monkeys. Ryan & I are still working on that one (btw -- for people who don't know me -- Ryan is 30 and has a PhD).