Saturday, February 20, 2010

Colin plays favorites!

Toddlers can be so uncouth!  Colin is at the age where he has definite opinions and clear likes and dislikes. Lately there are people he loves, people he is lukewarm about, and people he just doesn't like! He isn't very tactful about showing his dislike either,and it can get a little embarrassing!! The tricky part is it is difficult to know how he will react to anyone at any particular visit.

 Colin went from being terrified of Jayson to being Jayson's little buddy in two quick back to back visits. 

  He was originally lukewarm to uncomfortable around Uncle Chris until we went to visit them in Miami and now he asks to talk to 'Tis' all the time.
 Photos from Chris' visit in January, We spent a few days with Chris and Colin is still asking for him. Particularly when I say something like "Guess who is coming to see you today?"

Aunt Lauren used to be his obvious favorite, from about 6-16 months he would gravitate to Lauren whenever we were around them. (Photos from one of Colin's birthday parties)

 The adoration was mutual so it worked out but now...

  Aunt Katie has taken over the top spot. He still likes Lauren (calls her Nin which is just the cutest) but I think watching the Katie video has really turned the tide. But when it comes to Lauren's friend Kim, oh man he is terrified of her and we have NO idea why!

Pictures from Friday.

I know I was like this as a child, My mother tells stories of me telling people "I don't like your face" so I'm sure this is some sort of cosmic payback. I feel absolutely terrible when he doesn't like someone. Thankfully at this age he has a unique and special relationship with each of his grandparents. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to referee or diffuse a clear favorite in that situation!

Have other parents dealt with this? Anyone have any tricks for buffering the situation and softening the blow to those he shies away from? Some people take it really well and just back off, but others get mildly offended.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

The picture of him and Katie at the end looks like a fan excited that their idol stopped to pose for a picture since I know he loves watching her singing performance.

These are some GREAT pictures. Sorry that I have zero advice in this category.

Erin said...

Anyone who is offended by ANYTHING a toddler does needs some perspective on life ... Or other things to worry about ...

Kristeen said...

He's such a cutie. I can't wait to see you guys in April, although now I'm afraid Colin will be afraid of me :) It's okay if he is, I'll just tell Carter terrible things about "Aunt Becky" so the feelings will be reciprocated (totally kidding, of course.)

Julie said...

yea, annabelle does a lot of crying around my dad and matt's mom. it has a lot to do with the tone of voice that they use when speaking to her (a bit abrasive).....and they get too close to her face within minutes of their visits. as i said in my blog, annabelle likes to study people from a distance for a while in order for her to warm up.

i have started telling people what to do in order to get annabelle to like them. (if she has a bad reaction) it feels like i am ordering them around a bit, but if they don't want a crying baby in their faces, then they will listen.

it's strange though....the people that annabelle cries to are the same exact people who i feel a little uncomfortable around as well. matt says it is because i am "alpha"...whatever! like mother like daughter i suppose.

are these people doing things that make colin uncomfortable? maybe he just needs a couple days to warm up to people who give him an akward vibe.

oana said...

u made chris very happy he finally made the blog and the pictures are super super cute