Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids Fun House

Colin has been a super crank this week. My original thought was that he wasn't sleeping late enough in the morning, choosing to rise around 5:45 instead of 7ish. We have been fighting this wake up time a bit because he is just SO cranky and hard to please, indecisive and easily frustrated (even more than a toddler should be). So we go in and tell him it isn't time to wake up and he tries to go back to sleep but can't and gets upset anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes later and we repeat this process until 6:30.  No fun for anyone.  Yesterday, in my attempt to entertain him out of the house (where all he wants to do is watch TV and that isn't okay with me) I took him to the Kids Fun House in Ridgewood Queens. It just so happens that the first Wednesday of every month is free but I would have taken him and gladly paid the $10 fee.   To be honest the website makes it sound a lot bigger than it really is. When it says three levels of mazes and tunnels it isn't an adult size level, that thing fits into about a 20ft high space so it is teeny, perfect for kids 3-12ish but HORRIBLE for parents trying to help younger toddlers. There is a separate play area for young kids but Colin of course was very drawn to the larger section. 

Here are some pictures:

Hmm this could be fun

A slide! This was the first time Colin has attempted climbing and sliding on slides without any assistance. He must have enjoyed it because he did it over and over and over again. He wasn't really in a smile-y mood though so you couldn't tell if he was having fun from his expression.
"Look Ma! No hands!"

Taking a little time for yoga!

Inside the house, pretending to vacuum! Cute stuff, but NO smiling!

And this was where we attempted to play on the big kid side. Many of the smaller tots were in there so I figured we would give it a go!

Colin went head over tea kettle trying to climb over these fences after watching some of the older kids do it. He got right back up and tried the next one without complaint!

Do you see how low Colin is squatting to get under that? This was NO fun for Mama! Especially while carrying his diaper bag/back sack and a camera. 

Back to the tiny tots section.

Look at that tired boy!!

Colin gets more daring on the slide.

Down we go.

The closest thing I got to a smile.


beeping the spots

A picture from last week to remember that he does actually smile.
This crankiness has gone on so long I'm begining to wonder if this is really 2 yr molars coming early.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Even though he didn't smile in the pictures, I am sure he had a great time and is looking forward to going back.

Because I am not NY savvy, is that place close to your house or was it a hike?

Do you still go to that museum-ish place that is near your neighborhood/area that you went to months ago?

Becky said...

Ridgewood is only about 5 miles away, but in NYC that is actually pretty far when it is all local streets with lights every block. It took us about 25 minutes to get there.

The hours at the museum aren't really good for his current nap schedule because they close at 2 Tues Wed and Thursday and on Friday afternoons it is free for the general public so it is CRAZY crowded... We are working on getting back there, it just hasn't happened yet.

Julie said...

we know that he is a smiley boy!!

i think he was just concentrating on all of the fun toys to play with. he is turning into such a little man!!!

Kristy said...

I really want to take Lukas to the MOST Museum here in Syracuse but I am afraid I might get my a** stuck somewhere trying to chase after Lukas. Maybe the next time you are up we can go together.

Eileen said...

I remember having to climb all the way up into those things to rescue Peter. He would get all the way to the top and then be too scared to come down! I miss those days!!

Carol said...

He looks to me like a young man that is checking out the world and is very serious about absorbing everything and it looks to me like he is really enjoying everything. He is getting so big, how fast time is going by. GG