Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Men Babies Can't Jump..

As promised here is a video of Colin. Sean has been trying to teach Colin how to jump. He has yet to get his little body of the ground but his attempts to do so are pretty funny.He did a lot of 'jumping' before I could get the camera out and was tired, so at the end of the video he starts just doing the arms, but that is funny too.


Colin Jumping from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Sean is a good jumper---I give him an A+ for showing proper form!!!

JJ said...

Bec...tell Sean he has to exaggerate the jump and show Colin he is lifting his feet off the ground by actually lifting his feet up closer to his body. Colin doesn't see his Father's feet lifting off the ground. He is so focused on Sean's upper body.

AbbeM said...

Once Natalie started "jumping" it took a few weeks for her to actually be able to leave the ground. With practice they get it pretty quickly! The trampoline at the gym has helped a lot. It's now her favorite thing to do! The only problem is now we have to prevent her from jumping on EVERYTHING, including the couch and beds!

Crystal said...

This made me giggle so much! Thanks!