Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy weekend!

Colin had a very busy weekend! Like most everyone else along the east coast it was BEAUTIFUL outside so Colin spent some time in the sunshine.  I spent some time Saturday morning rummaging through last summers clothes to see if anything still fit and ended up putting Colin in a new shirt I purchased from old navy in a size 2T (ON 2T is smaller than say a Carters 2T) so he could wear short sleeves, it was a bit long but it worked.

Saturday we went up to CT for Sam and Ben's 2nd Birthday. We all had a great time and enjoyed the nice weather. Here are my favorite photos from the day:

All three boys playing with Sam and Ben's gifts.

Sam's sweet smile.

Ben's turn with the candles

Sam's turn!

Playing outside!

It was a big day for getting over fears! Colin got over his fear of sand and Ben got over his fear of Colin!

Colin and Ben collecting acorns with 'Mimi'. Good practice for the Easter Egg hunt!

Ben gives a smile. He is a bit swollen from a course of steroids to treat a severe allergic reaction.

Nice smiles from BOTH boys at once! Not an easy feat.

Another of Sam and Ben's birthday gifts! Colin enjoyed playing baseball.

Almost ready for organized play!

Batter up!

Then on Sunday we went to the Circus! A friend of Sean's was able to get us some tickets. We were originally going to bring Lauren and Katie, but Lauren had a game so Grammy came instead.  The seats were perfect. Far enough away not to be overwhelmed but still close to the action and very near the center of it all.

There was a pre-show animal meet and greet so we got to view the elephants tigers and farm animals up close.
Then we got to go down on the floor before the show started to do a meet and greet with some of the human characters! Colin was a bit nervous about this part since it was very crowded and loud.
Clown noses free with admission! Colin wasn't such a fan of them being on him.
Intermission. Colin was a champ and sat on my lap throughout the entire thing. I think his favorite part was the motorcycle on the high wire since it occurred right in front of us. We even made it out without having to purchase any outrageously priced souvenirs. I thought for sure he would want one of the light up things but he never showed any interest and since they were $20 and up I wasn't offering.

What a great weekend!


Erin said...

We are so glad you were able to come to the birthday party! Looks like you had a great time at the circus, I was wondering if he would feel afraid -- especially of the clowns! You didn't mention the highlight of your weekend, though -- the 2 hour nap you all took on Sunday afternoon! :)

Julie said...

the party looked like it was so much fun. i wish you guys lived closer! i am looking forward to seeing you on memorial day weekend!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

It was great to see the Berry family again---so many times this year thus far!!!!

Glad to hear the circus was fun---you never know how children will do at this type of event.

What a fun weekend you had---I hope you had a nap after all that activity.

AbbeM said...

Yay circus! There's one in town right now, and I was thinking of taking Natalie but the tickets are kind of expensive and with only 2 weeks til my due date, I don't have enough lap space for her. :) I'm glad Colin enjoyed it - I plan on taking Natalie next year!

Kristeen said...

all I can think about reading this blog is how much of a pain in the butt it must have been to put all these pictures in. :) And of course how cute the lil' guys all are.

Sarah B. said...

Looks like you all have a busy but great weekend.. Love all the pictures! The kids look so cute!