Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Colin is 20 months old.

  quick note: My good camera battery died after taking the first six pictures which include this one and the next. The rest are taken from the video camera's still camera option. It is an awesome video camera, but as you can see it takes horrible still shots.  My apologies.

I feel like there haven't been many new developments this month, so this may be a short post! Colin's 20 month 'anniversary/birthday' whatever you want to call it, happens to fall on St. Patrick's Day. Nothing special planned for the holiday, I considered taking him to the parade but since it starts at 11am and nap time is generally 11am I quickly decided that was a no go. Besides, it isn't really a children's holiday anyway! No green beer for him! We will celebrate by going grocery shopping, and maybe I'll find a special green treat for dessert (added later, I did find a treat, but he never ate it. Dinner didn't finish until 7!)

Loving the Slide! The jacket was unnecessary since it was over 60 degrees today but I couldn't talk him out of it. Thankfully he didn't insist on a hat!
  • Dumping things:  I purchased some clear storage boxes from Target to help Colin 'catagorize' his toys. This is something he has been showing more interest in lately, and he seems to enjoy the toys more when they are grouped together rather than just all tossed into a communal toy box. However, more than that he enjoyes dumping the toys out of their boxes onto the floor. He has a box of blocks, and a box of Anamalz (more about them in another post), both of which get dumped with frequency. When I purchased the boxes I thought he might have trouble with the tops but he had it figured out in seconds. We have 'clean up clean up' time every night before bath and Colin is very good at helping to put away his toys. I will often hear chucks of the clean up song (not the barney one, we learned a different one at music class) when he is putting away toys on his own accord. Cleaning up is half the fun!
  • MyGym:  Colin started a MyGym class last Friday and we went to open play on Tuesday. We have 8 weeks of classes here and then we will go back to his Music class. I will post more about MyGym when I have some good pictures, and hopefully I'll remember to post about the music class during the next round of classes.
  • Leo and 'Yeoh-Dawn': Somewhere mid month we started wondering if Colin thought Dawn's name was Leo, I'm pretty sure he was referring to both Leo and Dawn as 'yeoh-yeoh-yeoh' so I started correcting him saying that's not Leo its Dawn, so now he calls her 'Yeoh-Dawn'. Its actually kind of cute. We were over there yesterday so Dawn could run some last min vacation errands (they are off to Puerto Rico today!) and I'm not sure who was more excited to see Dawn return, Colin or Leo!?
  • Talking on the phone or web cam: Colin loves when his grandparents or Aunt and Uncles call us or talk to us via web cam. He often requests to call different people during the day or will pick up an object and pretend to talk to someone. His conversations usually go "hello... yeah... yeah.... bye" it is pretty cute.
  • Crayons: He has made a big improvement this month with crayons, and is requesting to use them more and more. We have to get a new jumbo coloring book for the easel because he also frequently requests a new page.  We try to go back and re-use them but that doesn't always fly. He also enjoys coloring on large cardboard boxes, particularly being in the box and coloring on it.
  • Puzzles: I guess it was somewhere around 18 months that Colin mastered puzzles and now loves to play with them. I might get a full 7 minutes of him playing alone out of a puzzle. He does play well alone but for shorter bursts rather than long stretch of time. But for a 'boy' (if you'll allow me to stereotype for a moment) he does pretty well. I've heard of worse.
  • Baby Carter Vidoes: Move over Katie there is a new kid in town. Kristeen recently posted some videos of her son Carter and we play them frequently! Colin is now requesting 'baby carter" videos more than katie videos.
  • Continues to love books, stickers (particularly putting them on his cheeks), monkeys, balls, DVD's and music.
 Not too sure about those big kids! (Bad camera!) He opted for a cap instead of the jacket this time.
  • When 'Chuck My Talking Truck' actually talks: Colin likes this toy, as long as it is in the off position. Otherwise he gets nervous and quickly walks away from it, typically not putting his back to it.
  • Water in his eyes: We had a bubble accident this month when a bubble popped in his eye. It was clearly very painful and it took some time for me to rinse it out. Now whenever water gets splashed in his face, he is clearly expecting it to hurt again and freaks out a bit. Hopefully he will start to forget the burning of soap in the eye and go back to being okay with some water splashing in his face.
  • A Pluto the dog plush magnet. I have no idea why he is afraid of this, but when I moved it from the side of the fridge to the front, he pulled it off and immediately dropped it and came running to me. I put it up high so it wouldn't bother him but he still eyes it warily.
 The swing just conked him on the head, he thinks it is funny.
New Things:
  • Potty Time!: This is our biggest change this month. Colin has successfully peed on the potty about a handful of times. He prefers to stand, but since he can't aim or even reach if he could aim, I hold the removable portion up to him and he will 'try' to go. His little stomach will go in and out a few times while he tries to figure out which muscles control what, it is quite precious. A few days ago he even said 'diaper' (de-bob-ba) while he was completely dressed and when I asked if he had to go pee pee on the potty he said yes and he delivered. Right now we are blowing bubbles when he is successful and/or we do a little march around the house announcing Colin's success to his stuffed animals and the cats (and Sean if he is home). 
  • Improved Independent eating: Colin has gotten really good with a spoon. He can now eat most of a container of yogurt by himself and bowls of cereal with milk. He even managed a thick soup the other day. He is pretty good with a fork too but still requests help since I can get more on a fork at once, and the child likes to take "human bites!" I think that comes from a Life cereal commercial.
  • Eating Meat: Colin now will eat  occasionally eat chili, chicken strips, and bbq chicken legs. I keep putting things on his plate, I'm hoping he will eventually take to it. He is even eating my favorite potato soup, which is great since he has rejected potatoes before that. Building bridges people, it is all about building bridges.
  • Current favorites: Cream cheese on anything! Particularly with jelly. PEAS, the kid can't get enough peas! Blueberries and strawberries, not surprising. Oh and, pirates booty, always a hit while sitting in the grocery cart.
  • Singing: Colin will sing songs to himself, or along with the music. It is mostly gibberish, but when he had a good handle on any particular word that part gets louder and then he goes back to singing under his breath the parts he is unsure of. I will try to get it on video, but he can be shy about it.
  • Teeth: 2 yr molars still threatening, I haven't been able to check in a few days, he bit me pretty hard last week, so I've been a bit gun-shy.  The bottom two have been swollen for about a month and he is complaining and chomping on stuff on and off.
That's all for today!


    Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

    I bet he is so happy that the weather is so nice this week because I know he loves to go outside and this winter was a tad of a rough one with all the snow.

    I also love hearing about his friendship with Leo-so cute.

    I can't believe his b-day is soon coming up---OMG the time went by so fast but thanks to the blog you have such a good record of his development to reflect on.

    Erin said...

    We should Skype. Ben would be so excited to play a game of virtual Ring around the Rosie -- he is stuck just playing with his stuffed monkey now because I don't think Sam trusts him enough to actually play that game with him!

    I'm glad that Colin is starting to be more adventurous in his eating. "The books" say you have to introduce something x number of times (9, I think?) before a kid will accept it -- maybe Colin just has even higher standards! :)

    Anonymous said...

    The up-date is wonderful, thanks. I love the serious pictures, I see a boy taking in the world and showing his happiness in his smiles. His coloring in the cardboard boxes while he is sitting in them must be so cute, I never thought of that idea, you are creative. I continue to see Sean in Colin. xxooGG

    Julie said...

    i love reading these updates. some of the quirky little things that he does make me laugh. so cute.

    i like that sweater vest!

    Daisy and Ryan said...

    Yay for the potty successes!! :) That's great!

    I love reading these. It's fun seeing the similarities between them and the things they do/like differently. (Aiden can't stand stickers!! Anything that sticks to his way!)

    And the pics are great, even the ones with the "bad camera"...maybe I was expecting worse b/c of the disclaimer, so they didn't look as bad as I had imagined (maybe that's what you were going for? haha!). He's looking like such a big kid!!

    Kristeen said...

    I hate to admit that I'm JUST now reading this, but I am. Super cute that he requests videos of Baby Carter. I'll have to post some more so he can see something new. Let's see how he feels when Momma takes care of the REAL Baby Carter... Hmm.