Monday, March 29, 2010

Colin's Potty Success!

As you probably know by now Colin loves stickers, so it wasn't a big jump to start a sticker chart for his potty success. I found ours online, and used stickers we already had. As it turns out the sticker isn't all that big of a motivator since he has so many sticker books. Being allowed to place one sticker on a chart isn't a big deal when he typically will pick out and place 4-6 stickers in his sticker books before moving on.  The biggest motivator has been the 'pee-pee on the potty march' where we march around the house clapping with high fives in the living room.This becomes a even bigger reward, the more people who are around to give high fives.

Days when Colin has 1 sticker are from going right before bath time. He had a 100% success rate with this time of day last week. The second sticker is from the first morning attempt and if he gets a third it has been when Daddy gets home from work.

We are very pleased with his progress but I fully expect that the novelty will wear off at some point, but so long as he is enjoying the process we will attempt to keep up the good work. He is so young, there is no rush or need to push.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

When I come to visit and I go in the potty---can I engage in the march as well!?!?!?!

That is cute---whatever motivates him is EXCELLENT. If it is as simple as a march that is awesome. I hope you can get the march on camera because it would be great memories.

Julie said...

that chart is great! it also helps you see his progress as well. good job colin! we look forward to seeing the potty march soon.

Erin said...

Once the novelty wears off (for both of you!), it definitely becomes more of a chore. I don't use any sort of incentive for the boys, other than praise, because it would be too complicated to figure that out with two kids competing for potty time. Maybe my twins books will offer some suggestions on that ...

Good for Colin, it's great that he can pee on command before the bath!

kim said...

YAY Colin!

You wouldn't by any chance, be interested in bringing Colin to NYU for a study I am doing would ya? He's totally the perfect age. I am studying the development of global form perception using the illusory contours and I am using both an infant and child eye-tracker. I need ages 1-80 so you could even participate :) Please let me know if you or anyone you know may be interested...It would take about 15 min. I would owe ya big! Thanks Becky. If you are anyone is interested please email us at for more info! Hope to hear from you soon.