Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visiting with our Family Upstate.

Two weeks ago (when I learned how to knit and unintentionally started abandoning my blog) Colin and I went to visit my side of the family upstate.  We flew up on Thursday, Colin was a perfect angel on the plane. Since the flight was nearly empty they gave us the entire head row all to ourselves. This meant he didn't nap because of all the stewardess activity but he did rest on me for a good portion of the flight. He did not choose to sit alone while we were in the air but played in the vacant seats before take off and we looked out the window as we landed (something he doesn't usually do because I always request an isle seat). Colin really really enjoyed his grandparents this trip, he has become much more independent at this age and tends to enjoy the novelty of a "downstairs" so he will go with whom ever will take him. Since he is such a cuddly kid we also got a few pictures of him snuggling Lukas, mostly unprovoked. At one point he was trying to play with Lukas hair, and (like me) Lukas was NOT a fan. He kept saying, "Colin please STOP!". Unfortunately he isn't easily dissuaded and I think I had to move him so he would stop annoying Lukas.
Here are some pictures from that trip. Mostly taken by my mother.

Colin and I chasing Lukas around the kitchen.

Fun was had by all!

Snuggling on the couch at Aunt Sisty's house.
 'Playing' the Wii together. I love that they can still be fooled at this age!

More snuggles!

Colin enjoys an old friend!

The flight home was not as blissful as the flight to Syracuse. We boarded the plane only to discover that we wouldn't be taking off for 40 minutes due to a closed runway at JFK.  Colin totally lost it and pretty much screamed for the entire 40 mins until the plane took off. Once we were moving he was fine. It didn't help that the plane was full so we had no room to maneuver. I even tried a lollipop but nothing could break the cycle. The people in the seats around me were trying to help, offering their own words of wisdom or support. The actual people in the seat next to me were pretty horrified. They both asked to be reseated as soon as they sat down (in order to give me more room of course!) but that wasn't possible.  It took me a couple days to get over that nightmare, I couldn't even talk about it! I felt completely helpless and once he calmed down I thought I was going to start crying myself. By the time we got off the plane he was all smiles and 'bye byes' for everyone. He got many "oh now you're happy!"  If that was my first flight with him I may have fully refused to ever do it again, but seeing it was one of seven (at least) flights he has taken and the first major melt down, I'm not too worried. We already have a planned flight in April, although thankfully Sean will be with us for that one. We are definitely getting our miles out of him flying free! It will be a bummer when we actually have to pay for his seat, particularly because I doubt he will sit in it!

One last picture from this past weekend. Colin insisted he wear a hat like daddy's so I snapped a quick pic.  Colin smiles on command occasionally now so this is his cheese smile. Not too shabby!


Julie said...

oh no! that stinks that colin was crying before thge plane took off. i bet you were mortified.

i love the pic of colin and his daddy, so sweet. and you were right about colin loving that swing! you DID say that he would still get in it if he could:) boys are soooo immature. (annabelle told me to type that)

Becky said...

I think helpless and frustrated topped the list of emotions. I wasn't all too concerned about anyone else on the plane, and how they might feel about my screaming child or me. In fact I don't remember giving them much thought until I stood up at one point, hoping that would help calm him, down and saw how many people were watching me. But even then I can't say I was mortified, my main thought was, it's worse for me then for them so they can deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Becky, I feel for you and of course feel sorry for Colin, to me the worse part of something like that is the feeling of helplessness. Love you GG