Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Colin is 21 months old!

Whoops I'm a wee bit late. Even the pictures were taken late! Sorry, we were out of town then we had friends staying with us.. school work hasn't gotten done, blogs haven't been written, laundry is piling up and we are out of milk. Such is life I suppose.  Here is what Colin is up to this month:
21 months (and two days) old
Sleeping: Colin was a total champ adjusting to new surroundings while on vacation and transitioning back to sleeping at home. We had one challenging nap a couple days into being back home where Colin was just really upset about 30 minutes into falling asleep. He told me his mouth was ouchie, so after giving him some Motrin I jumped into the shower only to hear  him start up again the second I got shampoo in my hair, by the time I was able to get to him he was beyond upset and unable to calm himself down. He never asked to be held (he says "Hold you?" or "Hold you Mommy." now when he needs to be picked up, it is pretty heart melting") but did ask me to hold his hand, which I did...I sat there with my hand through the bars until he feel asleep again. I hope that doesn't turn into a habit but he was in such a bad place I was wondering if he had a nightmare. I'm told this is the age where they can start to pop up. That nap aside he slept like a champ and was really flexible about napping. He is showing signs of being ready to move his nap to later in the afternoon. I'm trying to keep him on the same schedule as Leo so we can maintain our weekly child exchange but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep the early nap. Right now it seems like he can easily wait until 1 or 2 for a nap if we are out and about, but that becomes a challenge if we try to do it two days in a row. He is also more consistently sleeping 2 hours at nap time, even pushing 3 hours sometimes. Combine that with a later am wake up call (nearly 8 am three days in a row) Colin is sleeping more now than he did as an infant!

Just like his father, sleeping along the diagonal. Although to be fair that is the only way he fit! 

  • Baseball. Since going to the game, it seems like baseball is all Colin talks about. We will allow him to watch a few innings on TV, and while he doesn't seem to pay very close attention, he does get mad when the commercials come on. He also asks to play the 'game' on the Wii frequently. This is something I'm not a huge fan of but maybe once a week I let him pretend he is playing. This just seems like a total waste of 'screen time' to me at his age. At least with Signing Time or his Preschool Prep videos he learns something!
  • Playing Catch. Going right along with baseball, Colin loves to play catch. He is still a very poor catcher but he isn't too bad at throwing. He has started trying to mimic the pitcher wind up (which looks hysterical because it is no where close to a wind up, instead turning all the way in a circle with his arm as far behind him as it gets) which usually means the ball goes in crazy directions, but if he throws normally he is fairly accurate. He still throws with both arms, although he appears to have more control with his right arm. I picked up the velcro pads and ball set a few months ago (it is really for 3yr olds) and will hand me the pad to play at least 4 times a day. He only stays interested for about 7 or 8 minutes but he does enjoy the process and is getting better at removing the ball from the velcro.
 "I can do it!"
  • Socks. Colin is wee bit obsessive about wearing socks. To the point where he made me put socks over feet-y pajamas one night because he didn't think they counted as socks (that could not have been comfortable, and he hasn't asked for it since, but I now try to say I'm putting his socks on as I put his feet into the feet portion.) If he is having a difficult time with putting on clothes, some mornings I'll let him pick out his own socks. This leads to unusual combinations, but I think it is important to let him 'win' sometimes too.  I still have yet to get him into his crocs this spring without socks on too..should be interesting this summer.
  • Crocs. Speaking of crocs! Colin and I both have crocs and he is very proud when he and I wear them at the same time (usually on laundry day.) He also has started point them out when other people are wearing them as well! He isn't very discriminating, they do not have to be the "croc" brand for him to point them out, but he never is totally off.
  • Elevators: I'm not sure why he all of a sudden become obsessive about elevators while we were on vacation. He rides an elevator every day here at our apartment, but something about the light up buttons he could reach flipped a switch. He would wake up from a nap or in the morning and the first thing he would say was "elevator!"  
 "this one's for you mommy"
  • g-diapers?!?. I am not completely sure what this is about, but right before we went on vacation he started getting mad when I pulled out a g-diaper to put on him, At first I was able to work around it by letting him pick out which color he wanted (always choosing orange but calling it blue), but after being on vacation and wearing disposables full time he won't let me use a g-diaper at all. I can quick put one on him if he is distracted and he I get the pants on quick enough he doesn't totally melt down, but on occasion he has lost his cool and I've had to give in and let him wear the 'nother diaper' as he calls them. I'm not sure if I scratch him with the velcro as I put it on, or if the plastic snap parts rub on his skin (they sometimes leave little red marks) or if it is that he feels more wet, or maybe just that they are bulkier... it could be all of those things but now that he can tell me what he wants, he doesn't want g-diapers... we'll see how this goes. I'm hoping it is just a phase.
  • Being given water when he wants juice. Colin gets watered down juice, to the tune of two sippy cups (for a total of about 6 oz of juice) per day. If he drinks two cups before lunch he doesn't get anymore and can only have water or milk. He sometimes will choose water over juice so we usually have three sippy cups going every day, but if he asks for juice and I tell him no and give him water...woa be prepared for a fight. The boy knows his mind and he will stick to his guns. Sean and I are very careful to say what we mean and make sure we mean it when we say "no more" I don't mind him letting us know he is displeased, but I will not allow things to spiral out of control by sometimes giving in and sometimes standing strong. I want Colin to learn if we say "no more" or "last one" we mean it.  So far, it is working. He will show he is not happy but he has yet to throw a complete tantrum. 

New and Notable Things:
I've changed this title because often when I remember to write about something it isn't always 'new' he may have started it a few months ago, but the frequency has increased to the point that it has become 'notable!'
  • Playing Pretend. Colin has always been good at pretending to use a telephone but now he will pretend in other ways too. For example, he often likes to pretend things are ice cream cones. I'm not sure where he learned about ice cream cones but he will stack blocks, or use something of a similar shape, hold it to his mouth and say 'eye-ceam'. He also has started showing stuffed animals books and reading to them. This is just too cute.
  • Colin is a play by play announcer. Particularly when it comes to sounds. If a car horn goes off Colin doesn't miss a beat and says 'horn' (sounds more like 'hun').  Airplanes, phone calls, text messages, car alarms, fire trucks, police cars, buses,  if it makes noise, he will announce it! 
  • Cup use. Colin is very motivated to use a cup, but doesn't really get it yet. I can give him small cups with an inch of water and he will try to drink it but generally chokes on it. This actually surprises me because he is really good at drinking out of a bowl! The milk left over from a bowl of cereal, or the last of the soup, he will lift the bowl and drink with the grace of a geisha but give him a cup and it goes everywhere. The real problem is he doesn't quite understand the lack of a top and will turn over the cup dumping the contents everywhere.. We are working on it. He is really good with silverware right now though!
  • Speaking in sentences. Colin has been using the occasional sentence for a while now, but recently they have started making up a good 50% or more of what he says. The other night Colin caught Sean eating cake before dinner so Sean had to share some. Since this is obviously NOT ideal dinner, Colin only got a few bites and then got upset when more wasn't coming. He just kept yelling "I. WANT. MORE. CAKE." while we were annoyed by the request and the yelling we were both proud of the complete sentence since he would typically just say "more cake". He was eventually distracted by fruit and moved on. 
  • Memory. While Colin has obviously had a memory before now, he now has a better memory for things we have said to him or that he has asked for. "Not right now" or "maybe later" would have been the end of a discussion about three months ago but now more and more he is remembering to repeat his request at another time, or remind us that we agreed to do something "later".  I suppose this was inevitable but I thought we would have more time before we had begin to negotiate with Colin.  Since I typically prepare Colin for events like people coming over or going somewhere we haven't been in a while, I now have to be more careful to only prepare him when I am 100% sure something is going to happen. I can't say " Tomorrow we are going to see so and so" unless we are really going to, because chances are "so and so" will be the first thing he requests when he wakes up in the morning.
  • Potty Awareness. After returning home from vacation, Colin isn't interested in the potty any more. In fact he seems quite nervous about it. So we are stalled for now.


Kristeen said...

I could be wrong, but the second to last picture looks just like a baby picture I've seen of you before... wow!

Becky said...

Now that you mention it I think I know what picture you are talking about. I may have put it in the yearbook as my baby picture. I was probably 4 in the picture but it is a similar angle and expression... I'll have to steal it to scan it.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

That boy does love crocs. He is such a happy little boy. It was so nice to spend a few days with him. He is full of happiness and love!!!!

Anonymous said...

That boy having his picture taken is one handsome boy. Looks to me like he needs bunches and bunches of kisses. GG

Daisy and Ryan said...

So, did we, once again, post our monthly posts at the same time?? Wild. (Also means I was even later than usual if you were late!)

Aiden loves his crocs, too, and will announce them when he's wearing them. You'll hear a lot of "Crrrocs! Crrrocs!" He will wear them without socks, though. ;)

I'm a bit jealous of that late wake-up time... 8 sounds fabulous! We're lucky if we get to sleep until 6am! Ugh. Lately it's more like 4 or 5, and we're not all that thrilled about it. And naptime is always 2 hours - usually waking once in the middle. I can just go lie him down without a word, and he'll go back to sleep, but still. I've decided I'm putting a lot of time into praying that the next baby sleeps well...

The pics with him and the velcro ball thing are so cute - esp the one with him trying to pull the ball off. What a face! :)