Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Rewind.

 I am very behind in my posts right now because life is very full right now, not overflowing yet but certainly busting at the seams.  I will hopefully get to Colin's 21 month old post and the rest of our vacation pictures this week but for now I wanted to get some of the Easter pictures up.

Easter was a pretty busy weekend for us. Saturday morning "Uncle JJ" (Jayson) was in town for a baptism so we drove into Manhattan to have a quick breakfast with him before the rest of the festivities began.  Colin was a little cranky at first but warmed up before we parted ways. Jayson even taught him how to 'jump' down stairs (thanks jay!)
jumping down stairs

Enjoying 'Uncle JJ'

After that Colin came home and took a nap and then we went to an Easter Egg hunt at the queens county farm museum. This was a mistake, but there was really no way to know ahead of time that there would have been a 2hr line for the Easter Egg hunt and a 1hr line to see the Easter bunny. We paid the admission but didn't stay long at all. It just wasn't going to be worth it. So we ended up walking around looking at the animals and then going to Panaera Bread before heading to Sean's fathers house. Colin did Easter egg hunts both inside and out there on Easter morning.

Poor kid has seen a lot of farm animals lately!

Hunting for Eggs inside, before we dressed him for church.

Family Photo after church

Poppy Grammy and Colin

Just us.

Silly 'nin' and 'taytee'

Sean and his little sisters

Outside egg hunt. Colin quickly discovered the treats in these eggs.

Inside the eggs were either an Annie's bunny fruit snack or an organic jelly bean.

He loves the fruit snacks but he spit out the jelly beans.

Basket shot. He picked it out, it has a monkey on it.

After brunch we went to Sean's moms house where Sean and Colin napped for two hours and then we had dinner. We attempted another Easter egg hunt there but Colin was over it.
he picked up a few eggs...

but decided he wasn't interested anymore...

I had to pick the eggs up for him.

I do have a video of Easter eggs  hunting but I haven't uploaded it. Someday I'll show it to you.


Anonymous said...

Those are such cute pictures Becky! I love the family shots but my favorite one is you picking up the Easter eggs. You look beautiful! nancy :)

AbbeM said...

Looks like Colin had a great time! That's a good idea about the fruit snacks in the eggs - the ones Natalie got either had really bad candy (from the town egg hunt) or little toys (at daycare). I'll have to remember that for next year! And I love his easter outfit!!