Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Four down 12 to go.

Sometime in 2007 I came up with the brilliant idea that I would make it my goal to see a baseball game in all the National League Ballparks in the next ten years. It sounded like a reasonable plan, but that was before I had a child. Ten years is probably not going to be long enough, but I'll keep that the goal for now and reserve the right to amend it at a later date.  I can now check "Great American Ball Park" off my list. Sean Colin and I went to a game there on April 11th. Colin was a champ and sat through the entire game without a word of complaint. In fact, HE LOVED IT. To his credit we had really great seats, (thanks to a buy one get one 50% off promotion) so we were close to the action. He basically attempted to call the game, and while Sean and I were routing for the Reds, we got the distinct impression he was cheering for the Cubs. There were actually a large amount of Cubs fans in attendance so it was a bit confusing since the crowd roared for both teams. It was similar to a Mets/ Yankees game, only these two teams are around 5 hours apart (and there was less hostility). We actually thought that Reds fans were just very courteous at first and were cheering for good baseball regardless of who made the play, but even Ohioans aren't THAT friendly.

My first non-Mets Ballpark was Citizens Bank Park in Philly. While there I picked up a stadium magnet figuring I would make that my souvenir from all the parks. Turns out that is the only stadium I've found a stadium magnet in since... We did Land Shark Stadium (aka Sun Life Stadium??? I'm confused) last year and never actually made it to the souvenir stands before they closed up because we waited in line for Colin to run the bases, but my internet search got me no-where when I looked for a magnet. The Great American Ball Park also didn't have anything like that so I picked up a Mr. Redlegs lapel pin instead. For some reason pins are easier to find so I figured I would try that instead.  Chances are good I can get pins online for the ballparks I've already visited, but to be honest with Uncle Chris in Miami, and Philly being so close by, chances are good I'll hit these parks again anyway!

Mr. Redlegs himself (whom we have decided is Mr. Met's Italian cousin) just happened to show up in our aisle during the game. I only knocked a few kids over trying to get Colin into a picture with him, hey we are New Yorkers, that is how we roll!  So far Colin has run the bases in Miami and gotten to rub shoulders with Mr. Redlegs in Cincinnati and he isn't even 2... He is one lucky boy! If he doesn't grow up to love baseball, the system is broken!

Here is the running tally sheet: (adapted from
National League Ballparks angle sports interactive
East Central West angle sports interactive
Citi Field 
New York Mets
Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals
AT&T Park
San Francisco Giants
Citizens Bank Park
Philadelphia Phillies
Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati Reds
Chase Field
Arizona Diamond Backs
Nationals Park
Washington Nationals
Miller Park
Milwaukee Brewers
Coors Field
Colorado Rockies
Sun Life Stadium
Florida Marlins
Minute Maid Park
Houston Astros
Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers
Turner Field
Atlanta Braves
PNC Park
Pittsburgh Pirates
Petco Park
San Diego Padres
Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs angle sports interactive


Kristeen said...

Mr. Redlegs? That's really the best name they could come up with? Jeez. I'm glad Colin had so much fun!

Erin said...

Hahaha, Mr. Met's Italian cousin... hahaha, that is what it looks like! That's a serious goal to go to all of those parks -- some of them sounds great -- Petco Park (I've actually been to that one and it is great!) -- but some of the others ... Not somewhere I would want to go on vacation!

Becky said...

Mr. Redlegs (They were originally called the Redlegs and somewhere along the line became the Reds) is a retro throwback mascot apparently. 'Mr. Red' was retired in 1997 in favor of this guy and Gapper, a beast resembling the Philly Fanatic.

Erin I agree, but prior to this trip I would have thought vacationing in Cincinnati would have been no fun...I was wrong so I am trying to keep an open mind about...Milwaukee for example.

AbbeM said...

If/when you guys want to hit Nationals Park, let us know! We'd definitely join you. I haven't seen the new park yet anyway!