Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mothers Day Gift Ideas (for moms with young kids)

I actually started compiling this list back at Christmas time but never had a chance to finish it, so I thought it might be good for mothers day. These are just a few things that have made my life easier over the last two years so I thought I would pass along the ideas in case there are some husbands out there in need of inspiration.

A 'not just for diapers' bag- These may seem silly since if you have a baby you already have a diaper bag. However, this is what I requested this year for mother's day. As Colin has gotten older the need for a diaper bag has evolved. We don't need to carry as many things as we used to so the shoulder bag we used as an infant isn't necessary. We have been using a drawstring bag but this is very uncomfortable to carry. I've found that with a toddler I need a backpack because I am constantly moving quickly.Bending to pick up Colin or anything he has dropped causes a shoulder bag to fall off my shoulder (or if I'm carrying it across my body I tend to get stuck in it as I stand up). I'm thinking that the North Face Isabella will fit my needs, lots of pockets so I can easily find what I need (like my cell phone and wallet), small size so it doesn't tip over the stroller and an outside pocket for easy access to a sippy cup or water bottle. It should arrive tomorrow but I might not be able to test drive it until Mother's Day. It was probably a little presumptive of me to take mothers day into my own hands, but I need this and I needed a reason to splurge on it. Sean doesn't seem to mind, gift giving causes him a lot of stress. (your should know I ordered two bags and will return one, I *think* this is the one I will like better but if that changes I will be sure to let you know).

Wallet- Along those same lines I could not live without my Vera Bradley All in One Wrislet It holds all my essentials and I just toss it into the bag with Colin's stuff or (more often) hang it on the stroller handle and off we go. My current cell phone is a bit too fat for the pocket but it works well for a quick stash of a few bucks or a metro card. I also love that I can clip my keys on the handle and not loose those in the black hole that is the current diaper bag.

Water bottle- If you are a new mama and you don't have one of these yet I don't know how you've survived! Drinking bottled water is so 2005! You need a reusable water bottle and a water filter for the fridge or faucet. I personally like Thermo Intak  Straw Bottle because of the closed top and the straw, but I know a lot of other moms who use CamelBak Better Bottle with Bite Valve or something similar. (Note to dads: I wouldn't make this the only thing you get the mother of your child/ children. While it is a great add on I'm not sure it can stand alone)

Built Gourmet Getaway: I've talked about this before but I still love love love it. For both Colin's things and occasionally my own things too. It folds flat and it keeps things cold, fits all we need for a day or so. Love it. As an added bonus it looks like it is on sale!

Bluetooth Headset: This was something I didn't even want until we accidentally got two after Sean ordered one for himself (first they sent us a broken one, after we returned it they sent us two more...). These things are really handy when you have a child running around. No wires, no hands, happy mama!
Kindle This is probably WAY over budget for most mothers day gifts but I got one for Christmas and I LOVE it so I'm adding it to the list anyway. I love the instant gratification of getting the book i want right away. I love that I don't clutter up our bookshelves with my non-sense chick-lit. I don't miss paper, I don't even notice that it isn't paper. I do miss being able to share my books with other people, but the fact that I carry my library with me wherever I go makes it easy to share a piece of a book I've read with anyone anywhere. Love it! and I love it even more with a M-Edge Go! Kindle Cover.

If inspiration strikes again I'll update this with more ideas. I had thought about adding more things, but I'm not comfortable recommending things I haven't fully researched, and fully researching things I'm not planning on purchasing isn't in my time budget right now. If anyone else has other ideas to pass along feel free!!


Sarah B. said...

I love these posts!!! Where did you order your Built tote from? Or where did you see it on sale?

Becky said...

Amazon! Mine was $25 when I ordered it so it looks like a better price right now. You could also do a google shopping search to see if someone else is offering it for less.

Glad you enjoy them!! They are fun for me too.

Someone must have clicked one of my links recently and purchased an item on Amazon because I made $2.80 from a referral! First time for everything!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I will check out the water bottle. I have a large one but at times it is too large for a small, quick trip. Mine is more of an all day trek through the mountains!

I like that the straw is covered because if someone touches my straw then I won't drink out of it (I swear I am going to have a boy so I can fully confront my germ issues).

Thanks for the list. Even though I am not an official mom, I am a mom to be so I have hinted to Brandon that I would like a special gift.

Julie said...

oh becky, stop being so practical for once! it's mother's about a pedicure or massage :)

Erin said...

I think that if I were going to get a mother's day present, I would like to get my car detailed. After using my car as my "locker" during law school, and having 2 very messy little boys (and all of their gear!) in my car, it could use a good cleaning. I try to clean it every now and again, and I keep the garbage picked up out of it, but it could definitely use a good deep clean!

Kristy said...

Lukas and I love out water bottle. It has sprayed me a few times when I open it.

I think the best Mother's Day gift is to order a custom made handbag that you design... hmmm... where could someone do that??? :P

JJ said...

Guys..the best Mother's Day gift is to be with your children. And Julie...9 out of 10 times Becky will be practical...just that 10th time...she'll surprise you! And Erin...if you bring your car to my house "I" will detail it for you! xo