Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photos from last weekend,

Just in case you were dying to know, last Sunday we went out to LI to spend the day with Sean's Fathers family. Mid week it was looking like Sunday would be a beautiful day so we planned a trip to a local wild animal rescue center type place. \On our drive there it started to rain, but since we had already told Colin we were going to see animals, Sean and I started to panic knowing he would NOT be pleased it we didn't deliver.  Sean was quick to point out a pet store just in case we needed to find some captive animals to show Colin...Always thinking on his feet that one!  Luckily the rain cleared just long enough to check out some animals, even if we didn't get to spend any time on the playground.   Here are a few of the photos from that trip. 

Colin is a sad pig.

Colin makes friends with a duck.

He is telling 'Nin' that the eagles say 'caw caw', close enough!

Doing the tension neck/face for the audience.

what it looks like 'head on'.

Very pleased with himself for making the crowd laugh.

This weekend looks like it should be more suited for spending time outside. We have some fun activities planned for Colin's 2nd Easter! (A little teaser just for you Elaine!)

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Crystal said...

Oh what cute pictures! The tension neck/face thing cracked me up. I love how into animals he is. Have a great second Easter together, hope it's gorgeous out! :)