Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vacation Rewind

I've been a bit remiss in posting the remaining vacation pictures from our trip to OH/KY. We really had a great few days, hanging out with Carter and Family and just doing fun things as a family. One of those fun things was going to the baseball game. Prior to that we made a quick trip the the Newport Aquarium
 Colin was feeling antsy in the hotel (as if our two bedroom apartment wasn't small enough, he was not too pleased with our one room living arrangement), so we decided to take a very quick trip to the aquarium. Here he is checking out a starfish in the touch tank.

Enjoying the fish in the coral reef exhibit.
All he really wanted to do was be able to run around and burn off some steam. It was a little bit challenging since the place was kind of crowded but we managed. It was a chilly day so we were glad to have somewhere to go that was indoors. Our original plan was to go to the zoo on this day but it was too chilly.

I think this was the electric eel exhibit. Does this now count as a 'working vacation'? (I work with a species of electric fish, much smaller and less dangerous than the eel)

Excited to show us where all the fish were.

We arrived at the aquarium about 2 hours before it closed, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time for Colin. 

Watching the rays and sharks swim overhead.

Colin loved this section. We actually saw it on the map and figured it would be best to hit it last. Good thinking on our part since we pretty much carried a crying (not screaming but not happy) child out of the aquarium at closing time. He wanted to do more climbing and playing with the frogs.

Climbing in the jungle gym with his daddy. This would have been easier if the older children weren't chasing each other around inside. The would get behind Colin and get so freaked out that they were going to get 'caught' by whomever was 'it' that they would wait a second and then bowl right over him. Needless to say we couldn't let him run free inside.

In the plaza near the aquarium.

We ended up visiting the Cincinnati Zoological Gardens later in the trip when we got some nice weather.We had originally planned on going to an indoor water park as well but Colin was very nervous about the pool at both hotels so we decided not to push it with a water park visit. I personally love zoos, and aquaria so it was fun for me too! The nice weather made it a great way to spend the day. I may have said this before but Colin was really flexible for us with his nap time. On our Zoo day we took him out in the morning and didn't return to the hotel until 2ish. Since he typically naps at 11 we knew we were pushing our luck but he was a champ.
 Because nothing says "proud to be an American" like sitting on a rhinoceros with an American flag behind you.

As far as zoos go this one was pretty good. I never think the exhibits are big enough, but these at least didn't make me ill. They had the most amazing variety of felids (aka cats) I've ever seen in a zoo. All zoos have the big cats, but this zoo had (I just looked it up) 13 species of small cats including my favorite the ocelot! More than any other zoo in North America. I just kept walking to around the cat house with my jaw on the floor. Species I had only seen in one book ever!! It was pretty awesome. Again the exhibits could have been larger but they were well designed at least.  The downside: it smelled like 13 varieties of small cats lived there. Small price to pay in my opinion.
The zoo is also a biological garden. Since it was tulip season the place was alive with blooms. I would have loved to take more pictures of just flowers but Colin didn't appreciate my artistic endeavors.

While the cat house was my favorite part of the zoo, feeding the giraffes was a close second. I have a huge affection for giraffes. I was actually a little disappointed that Colin wasn't too afraid to feed them the crackers we bought. We weren't allowed to touch them but it was still really cool. Giraffes are traditionally non-contact animals because of their razor sharp hooves so I was excited to see that the zoo came up with a way to make them approachable.
We also fed another animal while at the zoo!  Feeding Colin on vacation is the subject for another post altogether. Pizza was a one of our healthiest options during the entire trip.

Our last day we were out of 'plans' and had to come up with something to do on fly. Since it was 'fly away home' day we had to check out of the hotel (which meant waking Colin from his nap because they 'couldn't' give us a late check out) and heading out packed at noon but not flying home until 8. After reading through a tourism magazine in the hotel room, we figured we had two options 1) the children's museum and 2) renting bikes in Loveland OH. For a variety of reasons we choose bikes and it turned out to be a very good choice.
Loveland was a charming area, and the bike ride was actually the most relaxing part of our trip. We went about 6 miles stopping twice at different playgrounds to let Colin stretch his legs. Since we found out we had bike racks not too long before the trip we were toying with the idea of purchasing bikes, and this sealed the deal. It was the perfect end to a wonderful little getaway.  Thanks to Kristeen and Family for inviting us along for the adventure. There is little chance would would have traveled to this area..who knows, we might even go back (I want to see those cats again!)

If you still havn't had your fix of vacaiton pictures I've posted a few more here:



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the whole Berry family had a great time! I so love the giraffe pictures. When I go to the N.Y.S. Fair, I have to go feed the giraffes! They are so regal looking and it is so awesome when they bend WAY down to eat a carrot out of your hand! I love seeing Colin's smiling and enjoying everything so much! Great pictures Backy! nancy :)

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Brandon and I better get on a diet to fit into those kids jungle areas. Those areas look quite tight for a child, let alone for a grown adult.

Seems like you packed a lot into your trip but seems like everyone had a fantastic time.

Erin said...

Becky's posts are always such a learning experience. Who knew that giraffes have razor-sharp hooves?! :)

Daisy and Ryan said...

Ok, so do you realize how close you all were to where I am from?? Um...not that it really matters, I guess, since I don't live there now. But still pretty cool. I love that zoo but haven't been in quite a while - the Louisville one was always a bit closer when Camden was younger, while we were in KY. I like the Newport Aquarium...though it's also been quite a while since we've been there.

I love giraffes, too. I think they are such gorgeous creatures!

Glad you all had fun!!

JJ said...

Really nice picture of Sean and Colin with the water fountains going off behind them..very nice pic