Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beverage Detox.

Colin and I are currently going through beverage detox (juice detox for him, soda detox for me).  The more I read about the 'benefits' of giving kids juice the more I realize there are none. Somewhere in the history of America, beverages like juice and soda went from being occasional treats to being everyday beverages.  Despite juice being made from fruit, there is little nutritional value and there is a strong possibility that it primes taste-buds to expect sweet flavors more often. Sure, kids are already hard wired to crave sweetness, but in the post HFCS world that sweet flavor comes with larger and larger nutritional deficits.

I'm not sure when I started giving Colin juice, but I'm sure it had more to do with my desire to provide new and interesting things to him than any need for it. Lately, it is all he wants and it has gotten out of control.  Sure I water it down, but the more he gets the more he wants and I've had enough of his minor freak outs and whining when I say 'No more'.  He clearly prefers juice over anything else, he never asks for milk anymore and a few evenings last month I would get to dinner and realize I hadn't provided any milk at all that day. For a kid who doesn't eat most protein sources, loosing milk is a big deal.

So why me too? I have an insatiable taste for soda, mainly the of the dark colored variety. For a long time I've been convincing myself the HFCS was the main problem, and that drinking natural sodas which have become increasingly available is perfectly fine.  Unfortunately, drinking these beverages have only continued to fuel my need for any kind of soda. That sugary sweet taste is what I want, and I want it daily. I've never been a good water drinker. I drank it because I had to when I was pregnant but outside that window I mostly only have any it before bed. If I'm not drinking soda, I'm drinking some variety of sweetened iced tea. What kind of example am I setting if I'm drinking a sweet colored beverage but asking Colin to drink water?? A bad one. Telling Colin that Mommy's drink is an adult beverage isn't going to fly much longer. (A potentially bigger issue, is that I have caught myself replacing meals with soda, not intentionally but I get hungry and instead of eating I pop the top on Trader Joe's Natural Root Beer and 'wala' I'm magically not hungry anymore. Bad idea Jones, Bad idea!)
So Colin and I are in detox together. For the last two weeks I've been decreasing our consumption of sweet beverages and increasing water intake. For me, adding lemon or lime to a glass of water to give it a little flavor has really helped. (Confession: I also typically use a plastic straw even though I know this is bad for the environment. It is helping me get though detox I'll work on eliminating that crutch later.) Now, when Colin is interested in what I'm drinking, he can have some! No more bad example! Sure we'll still have juice and soda on occasion, but I no longer want it to be an every day thing, it is a treat and should be used as such.  As an added bonus when I want to let him have a cookie or other sweet treat, I will know I saved his sugar calories for something he will really enjoy rather than waste them on juice.

Next Stop: Yogurt Detox.

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Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Being pregnant has reduced my soda consumption and increased my water as well. I don't mind water I realized if it is ice cold. I literally think I have more ice than water but then the ice lasts in my bottle at work all day so I keep adding water to it. I was on a juice kick for a few weeks but felt bad for all the sugar and figured water was the best for the baby.

I treat myself to a soda or sugary drink in public when we go to dinner but even then I always order a water so that I never get refills of soda. I hope this continues after the baby but I agree it is so hard to do because soda does taste so yummy.

You are doing a GREAT thing by recognizing and using yourself to set a standard rather than do what I say, not what I do.

Erin said...

I think that sweet-drink detox is a great idea. We are currently in milk detox -- Sam drinks a ridiculous amount of milk, and I would like to get him down to drinking just 3 sippy cups of milk each day.

Why yogurt detox? If you get your yogurt maker, the cost will be greatly reduced, and it is a great way to provide Colin with a calcium/protein source, right?

Kristeen said...

I need to do this as well. I'm not so much into soda, but I justify other sugary drinks like vitamin water because I am just not interested in plain water. I also know my pitfalls... like if I skip my morning coffee at work, I drink a ton more water. Unfortunately, this is not something I'm willing to compromise on :) Good luck! I'm interested in the yogurt detox too... we're just about to start yogurt here.

Sarah B. said...

Great blog!!! I think this is a great idea and I'm glad you are doing it!!! Hopefully being a good example for Colin will teach Colin to make healthier choices when he is older.

I also understand where you are coming from when you say you crave the the taste. I went through a phase while in grad school for my masters in ed. that I drank orange soda by the liter. I would go through a couple of liters weekly... It doesn't sound that you are that bad, which is good. I just had to stop drinking it. So I stopped cold turkey.. (hahaha sounds like I had an addiction or something).

Good luck and keep us posted on how is goes!

srezsnyak said...

I love this idea. Soda and "Fruit Juices" are pretty much the devil. I was actually in favor of the soda tax. We need to tax something, it might as well be something that's killing us.

Anyway, I wish you the best of self-discipline (you don't need luck, you need strength). Minor piece of advice, stick with the straws if you really have to add lemon/lime to your water. Those two are tooth decay champions. I've always wondered why I can't buy glass straws, at least they'd be recyclable.

Sneks said...

Wow ... I think you are going to be the inspiration I need to kick my serious diet coke habit (before I blamed it on the dissertation writing, now the new job and long commutte ... need to stop!)!

As for the straw thing ... just got my new favorite cup this weekend at the NE Aquarium.
It is from the Live Blue line and is totally BPA free. Yay for reusable cup, covered in fish, with a reusable straw! Love it!

Daisy and Ryan said...

Way to go!!

We happen to love water around here! All of us, including the boys. Pop is a very special treat around here - it does not appear often at all. They do get juice at breakfast (only 100% juice, of course), but Aiden gets less than 2 ounces, and Camden gets just a tad more. We've cut back from letting him have a glass (probably 8oz) to only half or less - and he doesn't complain at all. We all keep water bottles full and take them everywhere, and that really helps. Of course, Aiden pushes his aside and asks for "Mommy's water!" - but as long as he's drinking it! I do need to drink MORE water, though...

I'm curious about the yogurt detox, too. Is this all yogurt or just the yogurt you buy that has all that sugar in it? Make your own, and you can control that. ;) Just curious.

Good luck with your detox!! Great idea!