Saturday, May 29, 2010

City Boys

Dawn and Leo invited Colin and I to check out a newish park in Long Island City. It is a short subway ride away from us (Colin loves to ride the subway) but the great part about this area is that it is right on the water, overlooking the Upper East Side and Midtown. I imagine that this area's revitalization started while NYC was in the 2012 Olympic bid, because the park seems like it was designed to impress. It  is full of large grassy ares, built in lounge chairs and benches, hammocks!, and has two different playgrounds (which we never made it to because the boys enjoyed running free in the grass so much.) This park is defiantly worth returning to again (despite having to carry the stroller up the stairs at Vernon Blvd).   Here are some pictures from our morning in the park.
Learning how to share can be a challenge. This helicopter toy is one of Colin's favorites (Leo has the base). He is now showing some reluctance to share when playing with it. We are working on it!

Running free and loving it! They can fall down, and NOT skin a knee, imagine that. (Still holding tight to that helicopter).

Planning their next move. 
  Colin checking out the skyline. The pretty pointed building is the Chrysler Building, not to be confused with the Empire State Building which is just out of the picture.

This picture is just quintessential Leo and Colin! Colin is sitting and calmly playing with a stick, while Leo is on the go and up to something.  They really make a great pair.

Colin and the Upper East Side. (Notice Colin is wearing socks with his sandals. There is no talking him out of it.)

Leo trying to figure out the water fountain. This could provide hours of entertainment if someone would just hold them up. It was a team effort, you can just see Colin's little hand pushing the button to turn the water on.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

That does sound like a very nice park and it looks gorgeous. I am glad everyone had a very nice trip and I bet it is nice to find a spacious, and safe, place that is free for the family to have lots of entertainment.

Sarah B. said...

Love the pictures!!!! Sounds like a great place to take the kids and can't wait for the next post with more great pictures!

Daisy and Ryan said...

What fun! I love the pictures!!