Monday, May 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Photos for Colin's friends at the USPS.

I've taken some random photos of Colin here and there over the last few weeks. They don't have a theme or purpose so they are all going to go here. I havn't been intentionally abandoning you all, I just had to write an abstract for a conference and now that it is submitted I have a few minutes to post.

Colin loves to pretend things are ice cream cones. We have never eaten ice cream cones with him so I'm not entirely sure where he picked up the concept, but we do live in America so it isn't that surprising. Here he is with some blocks put together to look like a cone. He also will eat yogurt or drink water out of a cup and tell me it tastes like ice cream. As long as he is happy!
We finally got Colin a bat, and boy does he LOVE it. He would sleep with it if I let him. This one is from Target and it is a Disney Cars theme. It also came with a little cotton filled ball which is perpetually lost. He has slept with the ball.

Colin thinks he is ready for a night on the town. The socks were his choice, and unfortunately the carpet and shoes are both dark so it is hard to see that he is wearing a pair of heels.

After napping for three hours, Colin had to be woken up for our playdate. I took a few sleeping pics before he woke up. You can't see it but the ball was in his right hand.

Colin swinging with Leo. Colin is now very interested in swinging on the big kid swing, but he has to be closely monitored because he will just try to hop off without warning.

Leo pretending Colin's Easter bubbles are a baseball bat.

Our friend Ella also came to play but she somehow wasn't in as many pictures. I hadn't seen her in a few months so she was a bit wary of me. Here they all are enjoying some apples after a couple hours of playing.

 We spent one Saturday out on Long Island for Sean's cousin's daughter's first communion celebration. Colin enjoyed playing outdoors (fully covered in sunscreen, hence the glow) all afternoon. Here he is with Uncle Dennis playing more baseball.
The sweet little Haylee, who is Sean's cousin once removed, and therefore Colin's second cousin.

These two had an entire conversation about the door bell that no one understood but the them. It was the sweetest.

Colin wants to give her a kiss, but she wasn't interested.

Colin helped Sean replace the air conditioner filter. He really enjoyed the tape measure.

Colin driving Uncle Kevin's back hoe. We went up to their house for a few hours last week. April is a big month for birthdays in my family and I didn't make it up so we went in May.

Colin and I will be back in June when Aunt Sue's strawberries are ripe. Colin is already a natural gardener, helping Aunt Sue pick lettuce and spinach for our salad that night. I think he will get a kick out of picking strawberries, he will love eating them that is for sure!


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

wow---you all are always so busy!!! Looks like he is developing some great friendships.

Gma Mo said...

Thanks Beckala. Colin's friends at the USPS loved these pics!

JJ said...

Bec I think I remember one of his signing times has the kids eating icecream cones...Love the pictures!!