Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Wedding List

Over the years Sean and I have been to an obscene number of weddings. At some point when it became obvious our wedding attendance had gone beyond the normal level I started keeping track. There are a few friends who check in with me to see what that number is but I often can't remember and I believe I have over estimated a few times.  To clear things up I am going to keep the permanent list here. For most people this post is irrelevant but it is just a little bit of the "Sean and Becky" history.

I have decided I won't list out full names, and instead will only give the couples initials (or as much as I know). I do this because I understand how political wedding invitation lists are. No one knows better than I do how hard it is to choose who is on and off the list. Sean and I (both having large extended families) invited 252 people to our wedding. The room could only hold 250 but we couldn't cut anyone else so we took a risk. It worked out. Therefore, I don't want to get anyone in trouble or have people feel slighted that Sean and I were invited to so and so's wedding but they weren't.  Furthermore, I'm sure some people will find this a fun game to try and figure out who all these people are.  I am 99.9% sure no one will know all of them (aside from Sean, but I'm guessing it would take him a minute to come up with some of them)

Here is the list of weddings we have attended:
  1. MD & JC 11/2000
  2. JF & DM  12/2000
  3. MB & MD 09/2001
  4. T? & BB 12/2001
  5. KM & FZ 04/2002
  6. ET & EE 07/2002
  7. SC(?) & MG 08/2002
  8. LG & PK 08/2002*
  9. MA & AM 04/2003
  10. AL & NJ 10/2003**
  11. JV & MK 02/2004
  12. KS & BO 04/2004
  13. LC & GB 10/2004
  14. RJ & SB 06/2005 =) **
  15. JH & AC 07/2005
  16. NK & TD 07/2005
  17. JW & MR 08/2005
  18. KJ & JR 10/2005 **
  19. EF & BC 05/2006
  20. PB & JI 05/2006
  21. KC & BC 08/2006 **
  22. KC & KG 08/2006
  23. ER & RO 09/2006
  24. TH & BK  10/2006 **
  25. JB & VC 05/2007
  26. JK & ST 06/2007
  27. JK & PW 06/2007
  28. KF & DL 06/2007
  29. SR & GK 07/2007
  30. SA & JB 09/2007
  31. MP & DL 10/2007
  32. A? & JH 08/2008
  33. CK & ND 10/2008
  34. VP & DM 06/2009
  35. LR & PW 09/2009
  36. ET & CN 12/2009
  37. TB & RM 08/2010
  38. AF & LS 06/2011
  39. TM &  DC  09/2012
  40. OC & CB** 05/2013
  41. OC & CB** (08/2103)
  42. RR & NN (08/2013)
  43. ND & BJ (10/2013)
  44. CC & JF (10/2013)
  45. NG & JT (05/2014)
  46. MK & RP (09/2014)
  47. ER & JD (10/2014)
  48. CG & DB (04/2016)
  49. JM& WF (09/2017)
  50. JB & SF (07/2018)
    So I think that is it  (If I'm missing one please feel free to tell me). There were an additional 2 that we were invited to but did not attend. (the * indicates that Sean went to this one without me, no guests were invited. the ** indicates weddings one or both of us were in)

    With all this experience we have become pretty awesome wedding guests. We have often joked that we could write a book on how to be a good wedding guest. However, I don't think anyone would buy that book. If you are interested here are my top 5 tips for being a good wedding guest.
    1. RSVP on time and with the correct number of people. Errors either way create problems.
    2. Plan on attending both the wedding and the reception and be dressed up for both events (the *important* part is the wedding not the reception). 
    3. Dance! The more people who dance the more fun the party is. No one is judging you, and if they are they are the looser.
    4. Give an appropriate gift. Convention in our area is to bring a gift to the shower (off the registry), and give money at the reception (in the tri-state area, that amount should cover your hosts cost for your plate) this varies by location.
    5. Sign the guest book or other personal memento of the event (picture frame). While it can seem annoying or stressful to the guests, it is very important to the couple. (I just found out I missed one at a wedding and I was very upset about it) 
    The end.


    Anonymous said...

    I know 2 and they are the most obvious! :) nancy

    Anonymous said...

    to ME they are obviously the ones I know!! duh! nancy

    Crystal said...

    I really want to count up ours now! Lol, I really don't think I'll be able to remember them all. We are also awesome wedding guests if I do say so myself..people almost always receive our response card back first and people make fun of me for it ;)