Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Colin is 23 months old.

I've been spending some time lately attempting to mentally process how nearly 2 years have gone by since Colin was born. Colin's first year of life was certainly more challenging than his second, but I expect the next year will present some new (and likely more difficult) parenting challenges. The little guy seems to have jumped into the so called 'terrible twos' with both feet in the last month. Not that he is all that "terrible" but he is certainly more opinionated and more strong willed than he was just last month. We've had a few instances of rather minor tantrums (which for me,are honestly more eyebrow raising at this point than anything, I'm often left thinking: 'Really? You're going to throw yourself on the floor because I can't find the exact ball you want? Well, let me know how that works out for ya, I'll just be over here in the kitchen') Overall, he is still a very well behaved boy with a sweet disposition.

Colin swimming with his Daddy at 23 months and 1 day old. (his mommy and daddy's five year wedding anniversary)

So what is Colin up to this month?
Sleeping: Great! Naps still averaging around 2.5 hrs. I'm loving that! Colin has learned how to stall bedtime this month and we had a bit of a tricky situation when he got used to us holding his hand for a few minutes before we walked out. When he first asked it seemed like no big deal, until a week or two later he was freaking out if we pulled away before he was ready (going on five minutes!). A few nights of short CIO sessions cured him, but he still asks for random things (I need a ball, fix the blanket, where is my water etc) to attempt to delay the inevitable.

  • Sports. In addition to baseball (still his first love), Colin has also discovered tennis and soccer this month. Soccer bores him a little but he seems very interested in tennis. After watching maybe 10 minutes of some men's game that Sean had turned on (can you tell I don't follow tennis), he kept asking for tennis for days afterward. We also caught him running back and forth in front of the TV (watching his reflection) swinging his bat to one side then the other in a very tennis like motion. It was pretty cute.
  • Traveling.  Sean booked us a long weekend getaway for our anniversary and Colin was very excited about traveling to a new hotel and potentially a new playground. He didn't sleep as well in the car asd he normally does because he kept waking up to ask if we were going to a playground now. He is really very adaptable to new situations and has no problems sleeping where ever we put him...and we thought we wouldn't travel as much with a child! HA!
  • Sleeping with 'friends' (stuffed animals).  On our way home from a Mother's Day trip upstate with left his beloved Coco Monkey at my sisters. He had been sleeping with this monkey preferentially for a couple of months and we had no idea how he would react if it wasn't an option. In order to glaze over the missing friend we allowed him to take whatever he wanted into the crib (previously he was allowed the just two things).. you can guess what happened...Now he sleeps with quite the menagerie of toys, including large balls, tennis balls, and about 5 or 6 stuffed animals. We have a few things that aren't allowed in (anything he can bite into, or otherwise put into his mouth are definite no-gos) but he seems to enjoy this new development, particularly when he wakes up and makes me pick up every last friend and carry everything, including him out to the living room.
  • Keys. Colin has discovered the joy of unlocking doors. This makes getting into our building take 100x as long as it used to because he wants to unlock and open the door himself but he is not nearly coordinated enough to do so without help. Helping however will seriously piss him off so it is a difficult line to walk. Fun for Colin, no fun for Mommy and Daddy who just want to be in the house already.  I think this age will test our patience in a whole new way.
  • Pizza. This is without a doubt his favorite food right now. I suppose it could be worse.

  •  Diaper changes, getting dressed. He goes through phases where this is more or less of a struggle. Right now he just doesn't want to miss a minute of play time so having to change a diaper or get dressed for the day is a bit of a challenge. He still fights a g-diaper if he is paying attention while I put it on. Once it is on he doesn't notice. 
  • Trying new food. Neo-phobia (fear of new things) has kicked in. I was hoping we would have more time but it is what it is... That being said, I think I may have won the egg battle, he has happily eaten a 'jelly omelet' (actually a flat empty omelet with raspberry preserves on top) twice now, and the second time he actually requested it. Now that he is more used to the texture and taste of the egg, the jelly will start to disappear. I'm pretty sure I threw out about a dozen eggs before he accepted it. So we will continue to keep trying problem foods until he accepts those too.
  • Bare feet, his own or anyone else's:  I don't really get this at all but Colin does not like to not wear socks and he gets upset if other people aren't wearing socks, particularly if you have socks on then take them off. I generally don't walk around in socks so he will say a few times a day "mommy socks on?" I tell him no I don't wear socks and he moves on. If he isn't wearing socks, he doesn't move on until you put socks on his feet. I have been trying to work with him on this but it really isn't such a big deal, I have to figure peer pressure will eventually make him take his socks off while wearing sandals. Hopefully it doesn't get to that.

New or Notable:
  • "Maybe next time" this is Colin's new favorite phrase. He is quite the optimistic kid all of a sudden. For example: he will ask to go the the playground (still his favorite place) and when I say no he will say "maybe next time." Apparently Sean and/or I must have been saying this to him but neither one of us really remembers doing it. Another favorite phrase is "Get some more" and what he means is we are out of something he likes and we should get some more at the store. The 'at the store' part of the sentence is somehow buried in the way he says 'some more' if that makes sense. It almost sounds like 'st-um more'.
  • Chatty Cathy. Colin pretty much says anything and everything now. If you say something to him more than likely he will repeat it. I would say I understand about 80% of what comes out of his mouth, Sean does a little worse at probably 60% and everyone else can probably get about 40%.  It is a tricky stage because he really wants you to understand him (he is very good about repeating himself over and over again) but sometimes there is just no way of knowing what he is saying and he gets pretty upset about it.
  • Back on the Potty. With some hand stamps delivered from Grandma Jo, Colin is back at peeing on the potty. It is still an 'on demand' attempt rather than actually telling us he needs to go but we will take what we can get at this point. 
  • Indecisiveness. This is surely a two year old thing, but man is it frustrating. Colin will often ask for something and then not want it, or ask me to take something only to pull his hand back at the last second because he still wants it. He isn't teasing, he is just testing out the limits of his own control over his environment.  
  • Teeth: One of his 2 yr molars is finally through the gums!! It is his lower right one and I was happy to finally see some progress be made with all the crankiness we have been enduring..sometimes I'm not so sure his attitude is caused by the 'terrible twos' so much as teething. Three more to go!


    Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

    Sounds like he has changed a lot since I have seen him a few months ago---but in pictures still the same fun lovin' guy.

    It is nice to hear that he was able to adapt when he forgot his animal. Did your sister mail it to you?

    Crystal said...

    Oh my gosh, so sweet! Thanks for the great update :) I love the one about the socks! Can't believe it is almost two years!

    Kristy said...

    I don't know how they grow up so fast!