Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Memories.

On the last meal of our vacation we ended up at Friendly's. We did really well on this vacation with eating properly, mainly because we had a kitchenette in our room so we didn't have to eat out for every meal.  Because of this, we let Colin go all-out-crazy for this last meal (well dessert was the crazy part). He got mac and cheese (which I'm sure was the kind that comes in a plastic bag and they submerged in hot water to warm it up, yuk!) and corn and then for dessert we ordered him a 'cone head'. Both Sean and I remember eating cone heads as kids so we thought it would be a good time to introduce our old friend to Colin.

Colin was very excited about this! He was quite suspicious of the Reece's pieces and almost wouldn't eat them (which honestly would have been okay with me) but he decided to put it in his mouth and was a bit disturbed by how hard they were but seemed to enjoy it in the end. This was also his first real introduction to chocolate, something I've been trying to avoid as long as possible. He absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough of that hot fudge covered cone.

As you would expect he could not finish the ice cream, but he also could not fall asleep on the 2 hr drive home. He was still wide awake when we unloaded him at 9:00pm. This has been a growing trend with him now that it is still light outside so late at night so it probably wasn't solely the fault of the ice cream and chocolate.

I was glad I had my camera on hand to capture this memory. Even food rules are meant to be broken on occasion.


Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

Oh bestill my heart---another lover of Friendly's. I am so glad that he enjoys Friendly's as much as I do. It seems like he truly loved the experience and I bet he will be asking for that dessert again soon.

AbbeM said...

You have to let them splurge sometimes! Natalie's favorite dessert is cookies; pretty much any kind. I allow her one when she does really well with eating her dinner. But when Grandma & Grandpa come, they let her have at least two. Then we need lots of running around time before bed. And we're having the same problems of it being light out and her not wanting to sleep; she actually has argued with me "It's not dark out!". But lately that's gotten better.

Julie said...

ah, the cone head. once, when jessica was very young, we went to friendly's and ordered the conehead for her. when it arrived, she was so scared of the face, she cried.

even if they are traumatic, the conehead still makes lasting memories!

Kristeen said...

You just didn't want him to eat the reeses pieces because you wanted them :)

Crystal said...

Oh I loved coneheads! The picture of him once it is finished is just adorable.